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It’s easy to get distracted and lose momentum when writing a book. Before you know it, you’ll be asking yourself, “What am I doing this for? Why does it matter?” In this mentoring video, you will learn a simple practice to discover and define your emotional contract with your book.

Your Personal Heart Line is your personal reminder for why you are writing your book. You will come away defining a memorable and meaningful commitment and vow to your book.

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Drafting is a process of discovery and exploration. The writing process itself is a means to help you uncover what you have to say and how your story will unfold. When you draft with openness to explore, you are more likely to awaken and captivate your own intellect, emotions, memory and spirit throughout writing a book. Inevitably, in this drafting process, you will discover a great deal about yourself, your content, and your Story.

This worksheet will help you get started Drafting to Discover.

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