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Customer Relationship Management Systems


Infusionsoft Ontraport Active Campaign Dubsado Hubspot Zoho
Email Marketing within Platform
Automated Workflows
Build Ease
Notable Features

Course Platforms



Ruzuku LearnDash Thinkific Kajabi Teachable Email Drip Course Udemy
Website depends on email marketing platform
Type Standalone WordPress Plugin Standalone All-In-One Standalone n/a Marketplace
Payment through Platform Yes (Stripe or Paypal) Yes (Stripe or Paypal) Yes (Stripe or Paypal) Yes (Stripe) Yes (Stripe or Paypal) dependent on email marketing platform Yes
Integrates with email marketing platform Mailchimp Yes Yes Replaces Email Marketing Platform Yes Yes No
Host video, audio, pdfs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Participant Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes would need FB group Yes
Live & Evergreen Courses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Evergreen
Drip-Feed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subscription/Membership Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Multiple Instructors Yes, with Univeristy Level Yes Yes Yes, with Pro Level Yes As additional user on email marketing platform Yes
Build Ease 8 6 7 6 6 7 9
Customization (1 not available – 10 fully customizable) 5 10 9 9 8 9 2
Other Notable Features Polls & Quizzes, Coupons, Teleconference platform Certificates/Badges, Advanced Quizzing, Engagement Triggers Affiliates option, quizzes, feedback option, Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Tool Can replace the need for CRM (includes marketing automation); quizzes and surveys; Webinar platform (recorded & live) Does include landing page builder, Certificates/Badges, Advanced Quizzing, Affiliates, Coupons No need to pay for an additional platform</td Built-in audience</td
Cost $74.75 – $125/mo $159-$329 for a 1 year license $0 – $279/mo $129-$379/mo $39-$499/mo varies (need email marketing platform) free

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