Brand Artistry Labs 2018 Application

Complete the application form below. This form not only gives us important information but by clicking submit, you are also added to the BAL mailing list so you will receive all the information about the Labs.

  • Use of Materials Statement: All Brand Artistry Labs material copyrighted by Jeffrey Davis and CENTER TO PAGE, LLC. All material copyrighted. Sharing, duplicating, or using this content other than for personal development and application to one’s own endeavors is strictly prohibited. Note from Jeffrey: Hey, Pack~ Let me address something that should be obvious but still needs to be said (and my lawyers are insisting I say it): Namely, use this content behind the scenes to advance your own brand and presence. However, your using these frameworks and concepts with your own clients as your own frameworks and concepts isn’t cool and is not permissible. You work hard, so I know you get it. I appreciate your respect for the hard work and generosity you have paid for here. Thanks for running with me, Jeffrey

Are you having issues with the form or do you have questions about the Brand Artistry Labs 2018 application process? Reach out to our Ops Manager Erin at and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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