A 4-Day Deep Dive Retreat
For 16 Mindful Change-Makers
Poised to Own Their Authority
with Jeffrey Davis

September 30 – October 3, 2019
Hudson Valley OF New York


“If leadership begins not with what you do but who you are, then when and how do you escape the noise [of our times] to find your purpose and summon the strength to pursue it?”

-Jim Collins

Where You’re At

In this Age of Distraction fear can knock you on your back and off track from pursuing that bold idea that lights you up.

Maybe that bold idea is the book you’re noodling. The business to expand. The podcast to conceive. The video series to produce. The membership site to build. The signature train-the-trainer program in the works.

Listen. You know you have a point of view worth hearing. And everything I know about branding and platform-building points to the fact that what audiences and customers and communities hunger for these days – and will pay for – is a brand or author or speaker with a compelling, authentic point of view.

The root of the word “authentic”? One who listens to the voice of their own authority.

Hmmm. But here’s the kicker:

Are you listening to your own voice of authority?
Are you prioritizing time to dive into your own ideas?

If “no,” no shame.

Time is limited. Customers and clients call. Maybe a growing child or aging parent beckons. Social media “likes” and Netflix-binging could be getting more attention than they deserve.

And fear. Maybe an agitating voice of fear nags you: Pursuing that idea seems like a bigger waste of time or money. Or it’s irresponsible. Too big of a risk. Or if you stand up and stand out, fear tells you, maybe there will be haters. Or – and here’s the big one – what if your idea actually succeeds and you soar? Then what?

Under that kind of pressure and distraction, how do you shape your own brave container to trust the authority of your own voice again?

Much of what we need is dedicated deep dive time to flow.

Flow is when we sustain focus on creative challenges of our choosing to advance a purposeful project. Flow is foundational to do the work that matters most.

So, how do you find your courageous flow?

Your Potential

So, imagine this.

Imagine having guided time, distraction-free zones, and trusted support to do just that – dive into your most important project so you can emerge with confidence in your own authority and your own methods for fostering flow again and again.

Imagine on top of that coming away with a group of open-minded collaborators who know the art of offering input. Your own Wild Pack of Peers.

Imagine such an immersive experience design based on what the neuropsychology of flow and creativity shows us about our minds’ daily rhythms.

You experience shaping your own flow. You experience listening to and shaping your own ideas with authority.

All in a breathtaking place.

It’s possible.

Your Solution

STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY is a deep dive retreat experience with renowned teacher, author, and speaker Jeffrey Davis that gives mindful change-makers like you the brave container and experiential training to get into flow, trust your own ideas, and own your authority.


  • Own your time and create distraction-free space to dive deep into your project and experience your own flow
  • Learn practices to listen deeply to your own voice and your own ideas
  • Test out The 4 Pillars of a Compelling Point of View (for brand or book)
  • Refine your own deep work flow experiences and process
  • Train your mind for productive “creative self-talk”
  • Shape and test out the singular elegant idea of your project
  • Gain courage to stand up and pitch or present or share your idea
  • Get Jeffrey’s direct support and guidance
  • Celebrate your and your Wild Pack of Peers’ work in an evening event
  • Come away with a custom Road Map to Flowing and Flourishing


You’ll come away with the space, clarity, and confidence to advance your best ideas for a better world – while experiencing doses of wonder along the way.

Do-It-Together (DIT) Secret Advantage

Why not just take a solo retreat? Good question.

Phenomenal people help you go deep.
Year after year, we get some form of this feedback: “You attract the most phenomenal people.” We attract people who lead with their hearts and with their radiant minds.

The research on productive solitude for leaders is clear: Solitude must be punctuated with your being able to voluntarily engage with peers.

But not just any peers. We kind of curate through our application process and interviewing process to assure that your Pack of Peers is comprised of people like you who are doing remarkable work, who can go deep into solo work and  also who can collaborate productively with other mindful change-makers.

The best leaders need a brave container.
It is difficult to regulate emotions in prolonged solitude. We create a brave, safe container for you to voluntarily bond with remarkable people without distractions. Our signature “Dolphin Tanks” bring out each participants’ courage and strength. (Note: Dolphins are more intelligent, playful, evolved, and collaborative than sharks :-)).

Creative Collab Labs crack you open to possibility.
We use a research-based method for collaborative work that primes everyone for open-minded collaboration – when you need it.

“Everyone had a gift for me in what they were doing and & how they showed up. It was really powerful.”
LEE RANKIN | Author, Agritourism Speaker, & Founder, Apple Hill Farm
Lee Rankin
“Jeffrey’s taught me so much about structure and systems and planning and consistency-all through his personal lens as a yogi and a creative genius. He and his team are brilliant and heart centered mentors in the art of sharing your medicine and getting your work out there to more people.”
KELLY INSELMANN | Psychotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, & Yoga Teacher/Therapist, Joy Boots for Cancer Survivors

Features of STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY include


Pre-Retreat Project Design & Retreat Planning – We’ll help you set intentions and right conditions to assure you have the most rewarding experience. No perfectionist planning – but also no abdicating agency.


Distraction-Free Zone & Voluntary Smart Phone Check – To support your deep dive, I will offer a voluntary smart phone check where you can safely deposit your smartphone. Out of reach, out of mind.


Optional Guided Morning Meditations designed to train you to heed your own voice, watch your own thoughts, and “prime the cognitive deck” for the day.


Tracking Wonder Journal Method aimed to train you to foster essential daily habits, rituals, and rhythms that boost your flow.


Morning and Afternoon Supported Deep Dive Sessions designed to provide the quiet container for you to dig into your most important project.


Ample Opportunities for Spontaneous Connection, Collaboration, Inspiration & Support– Tracking Wonder is known for designing experiences where people don’t just connect. They bond. Every day you will have opportunities to forge authentic alliances with the other mindful change-makers we accept into the Deep Dive Retreat. You also will have the opportunity to meet with me 1:1 or in small groups.


90-Minute Morning Facilitated Training Sessions designed to inspire you with knowledge, strategies, tips, and prompts for diving deep, shaping your own flow, and trusting your authority.


Creative Collab Lab Sessions designed to train you and your peers in the art & science of feedback. In small groups you will gain the support of your Wild Pack of Peers and forge alliances among other mindful change-makers.


End of Day Insights & Highlights– Each afternoon we gather for a signature circle exercise that lets us share key take-away and surprisingly memorable moments.


Road Map Creation– On Day 4, we use my signature processes for mapping monthly project goals, milestones, and tasks for the next 6 weeks and next 6 months. That way you don’t just having a truly amazing four-day experience. You leave equipped to take the wonder and courage with you.


Unparalleled Inspiring Locale: The neuropsychology of flow reinforces that environment does influence the imagination, intellect, and spirit for better or worse. We have the locale not just for the better but for the best results. Located at the Hudson Valley of New York’s stunning 19th-century Mohonk Mountain House overlooking the famed Catskill Mountains with a mountain lake, a world-class spa and indoor swimming pool ranked #1 by Conde Nast, + 81 miles of walking trails and a mountain lake. My clients and academy participants regularly name Mohonk as their favorite place on the planet.

Strategy Session Topics

  • Pillars of a Thought Leader Point of View
  • The I.D.E.A. Method for Breakthrough Insights
  • Shaping Your Point of View & Your Singular Elegant Idea
  • Open Mind Training to Listen to Your Voice of Authority
  • Broadcasting Your Point of View for Impact & Income
  • Forming 3 Ideal Packs of Peers
  • Roadmap Planning
“I was running a successful business but got to a point where I needed help to clarify and redefine my message. Jeffery helped me to get clear with my message, learn phenomenal tools for living my story, and embrace the true meaning of being a business artist. The feedback and engagement I receive from my tribe is phenomenal”
Michal Spiegelman | Energy Expert, Life-Change mentor, Intuitive, founder of Beacons of Change

Gain the space, clarity, and confidence to advance your best ideas for a better world.

Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2019

Mohonk Mountain House Resort in New York’s Hudson Valley

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

You are ready to join us at STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY if

  • you have a burning idea or project you’re ready to “do” deep work on.
  • you appreciate the value of structured solitude and creative collaboration.
  • you want space & training to trust your own voice of authority to expand your brand message, impact, and/or income.
  • you want not just to finish your current project, you want to learn the practices and process that can be applied to any deep dive retreat to gain traction on future projects and ideas.

STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY is not a branding intensive, writing workshop, or business incubator, but Jeffrey will be on-hand to offer expert guidance in all of those areas.

Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life. Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with – no kidding. Working with him is astonishing, energizing, and wonder-infusing. I keep returning to the notes from our sessions and using them like wise bread crumbs to find my way with my creative projects. I am far less anxious, more forgiving, and far more trusting of my process and book. He can be your secret weapon to creative productivity and compassion. He is mine.”
JENNIFER LOUDEN | Personal Growth Pioneer, Best-Selling Author, & Teacher Extraordinaire,
“I am a lone wolf by nature. However, running with Jeffrey Davis and his phenomenal Tracking Wonder pack has given me clarity to express my brand and message with power. Working with Jeffrey helped me to understand how my work fit in with the larger human story of our time while giving me effective tools to navigate being a thought leader in troubled times. Collaborating with Jeffrey is like working with a mad scientist, rock star and yogi rolled into one – innovative approaches, delivered in an engaging manner, with a deep sense of spirit and purpose undergirding it all.”
KERRA BOLTON | writer, activist, and founder of UnMuted.

Gain distraction-free time to deep dive and experience your own deep dive flow.

Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2019

Mohonk Mountain House Resort in New York’s Hudson Valley

“Jeffrey Davis’s Immersion helped me see clearly both the forest and the trees. He and the group provided me with valuable reflections that mapped a clear and practical route to achieving my bigger goals, while not losing site of my deepest WHY. For several intense and amazing days, we held up a mirror to one another as if to say ‘this is who we see’ to help us better see ourselves. To my surprise, I learned as much from listening and reflecting to the others in the group as I did from being on the receiving end. No babying, no coddling or exaggerated praise… rather, a loving but firm kick-in-the-butt from all sides to get big, get moving and be my best self already! With this guidance and encouragement, I have been able to show up with consistency and effectiveness to establish a visible presences as a top writer on and to offer my unique medicine to the world.”
Amy McTear | Author, Musician, & Coach at
“Jeffrey’s coaching was outstanding and achieved what I had struggles with for years. It was the best educational and discovery experience I have had since college and I am sure you will experience the same transformative success. This transition has led to a significant increase in my client work in the areas where I want to work. I am not chasing billable hours anymore. I am expressing a point of view in a platform that attracts commercial support. The return on investment here is off the charts. You just can’t beat earning money doing what you love.”
Andy Ray | Business Consultant & author of Radical Impact
Andy Ray



until June 7, 2019
June 8 – 30, 2019
July 1 – 31, 2019
after July 31, 2019

Payment Plan

$500 deposit
+ $675 x 4
($3200 total)
$500 deposit
+ $750 x 4
($3500 total)
$500 deposit
+ $1066 x 3
($3698 total)
$1749 x 2


One-Time Payment










Learn practices to listen deeply to your own voice and your own ideas.

Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2019

Mohonk Mountain House Resort in New York’s Hudson Valley

Who Is Jeffrey?

Veteran brand story strategist, author, and founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy Jeffrey Davis has been obsessed with the psychology of flow and creativity since Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi published his seminal study on the subject, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience in 1995. Since then, Jeffrey has experimented with Deep Dive Retreats and optimal conditions that have allowed him to move big projects forward while running a business & leading a team, prioritizing his wife and girls, and hazarding a host of unbidden surprises and challenges.

His Deep Dive Retreats have helped him publish books with the Big 5 and independent presses, launch & fill the live Brand Artistry Lab series, create the Tracking Wonder Journal, and develop a recognized point of view in the fields of branding, creative process, & innovation.

Jeffrey has also shared his findings as an online columnist on the psychology of creativity for Psychology Today, Thrive Global, and The Creativity Post, where he combines elements of creative thinking, design thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in the field of branding.

Jeffrey has helped thousands of people advance their best, most meaningful ideas into businesses, brands, and books. He’s helped first-time authors land handsome book advances with Big 5 and independent presses and who’ve become New York Times best-sellers. He’s helped numerous clients build and launch businesses through strategic branding with integrity.

Trained from the Zen Mountain Monastery as well from his renowned Yoga teacher in South India, Jeffrey approaches the art of mindful living with a point of view that is pragmatic, non-dogmatic, integrative, and wildly effective.

“Tracking Wonder exceeded my expectations: stellar program, accommodations, tools, and people! Challenging interactions designed to bring out the best in me and other participants. Great connections I continue. Notes and deep dive ideas I review monthly. My immersion was the turning point for me and the brand I’m building.
MaryEllen Merrigan | Marketing Consultant and Publicity Strategist, Merrigan Group

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the retreat?

The STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY Retreat is being held September 30 – October 3, 2019 in the Hudson Valley of New York.

I submitted my application. Now what? How long before I hear back?

Thanks for submitting your application! We’re pumped to read it and discover how we can support you! You will hear back from someone on our team within 3 days.

What is the registration process?

If you are ready to apply, great! Click the Apply Now button and complete the application and $500 refundable deposit.

After we receive and review your application and determine that you are a fit for the retreat you will then notified via email that your application has been approved. You will then let us know if you’d prefer a one-time payment option or the payment plan option.

Then, a member of our TW team will be sharing all the important information about making your travel and accommodation arrangements and all the other details you will want to know.

What is the fee/cost?

The cost* of the retreat is $3499, but if you get in early there are special Early Bird discounts. Check out the discounts on the pricing table above.

There are payment plans available.


*Does not include travel and lodging.

What if I sign up and change my mind or can’t go?

Cancellation Policy
Circumstances change. We understand. If your circumstances shift, for whatever reasons, and don’t allow you to come to the STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY Retreat, we will honor requests for cancellation accordingly:

All cancellation and refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to no later than 45 days prior to the start of the Retreat. We also may allow a registration to be transferred to one other individual if requested by 30 days before the Retreat start date.

Cancellations requested up to and including 90 days before Retreat start date:
Refund of total amount paid, less $75 administration fee and non-refundable deposit of $220.
Cancellations requested from 70 – 89 days before Retreat start date:

Refund of 50% of total amount paid, less non-refundable deposit of $220.

Cancellations requested from 45 – 70 days before Retreat start date:
Refund of 25% of total amount paid, less non-refundable deposit of $220.

Cancellations requested within 45 days:
No refund will be be provided.

Refund checks will be mailed within four to six weeks after Retreat has concluded to the address you provide in your original request.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, we do offer payment plans. Check out the pricing table above for more information.

What is included in the fee?

The fee includes the 4-day retreat, as well as all materials that will be needed while at the event.

Travel and lodging is not included.


Where is this taking place?

We will be at the incredible Mohonk Mountain House Resort in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Do I book my own lodging? If so, how? Is lodging part of the fee?

Yes, you are responsible for securing your own lodging.

Lodging is not included in the cost of the event; however, we will have a special rate at the Mohonk Mountain House Resort and will provide you that information before you book.

Is ground transportation/shuttle provided? If so, what are the details?

Based on need, we will offer one shuttle from Stewart International Airport and one shuttle from Albany Airport on September 29, 2019 in the mid-afternoon. We will also offer a shuttle back to each of these airports on October 3, 2019. We will include other recommendations in the Guide as well.

What airport should I fly into?

We recommend Albany or Stewart International.

I am driving myself. Can you provide directions?

Sure. We will provide directions in our Retreat Guide.

Is food provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included with your lodging at Mohonk Mountain House Resort. We will also have a selection of snack available during the day.

I have dietary restrictions. How will that be handled?

No problem! Our team will be in touch with you before the retreat to ensure we have options to meet your needs and that the Mohonk Mountain House Resort is also aware for your regular meals.


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