Stand In Your Authority Retreat 2019 – Travel Guide

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In the unfortunate chance that you have a travel delay, please keep this number of Tracking Wonder’s Event Assistant Tricia Scott (who is full of warmth, sweetness, and smart support) –


Focus Project or Endeavor

Be sure to bring any material related to the Focus Project or Endeavor you aim to dive deep into. This project might be the book you’re wanting to advance, the conference or training you’re organizing, or your thought leadership strategy to advance your brand. Such an endeavor requires self-reflection, prolonged focus, insight, and clarity, something many of us struggle to find (or find time for) in our fast-paced lives. But if you persist in digging diligently and patiently until you realize your goal, the rewards far outweigh the superficial gratification of escaping into your daily to-do’s. You each completed registration questions that give me an idea of your focus project.

Arriving at Mohonk

The Mohonk Mountain House sits on the Shawangunk Ridge – what the Nature Conservancy calls one of the planet’s last great wonders for its diverse species, unique geography, and incomparable splendor. It overlooks the Rondout Valley and onto the Catskill Mountains – a source of inspiration for centuries among indigenous peoples, artists, musicians, writers, intellectuals, and seekers of all stripes.

The Smiley family purchased hundreds of acres in the nineteenth century, and in the true conservationist spirit – a movement started under President Teddy Roosevelt in upstate New York – they built a place with one aim: To re-connect us with the source of our creative impulse. The natural world. The geography of our imaginations and our soul-scapes.

Atop the Shawangunk Ridge, you will approach a gate where a friendly attendant will check your name and direct you toward the Mountain House. A slow ten-minute drive down an old carriage road will build your anticipation until you wind your way to the castle’s entrance. A valet at the entryway will greet and direct you to the front desk.


Please come prepared for the weather. It looks to be in the sixties during the day and the mid-forties at night. (And we will likely be outdoors one evening!)

First Morning

  • Where: We will begin with an optional meditation at 7:15 am at the Rose/Dogwood Room in the Conference House located outside the Main House along the path just beyond the Mountain Lake dock.
  • Mood: Imagine a quiet cove that provides a brave container for you to dive deep solo and together. When/if you enter for meditation that first morning, lights will be dim; voices, low.
  • Event Assistant: Tricia, our event assistant, will be on hand to help find a chair or cushion for guided meditation.
  • Device Drop Basket: Tricia also will show where you can drop off your device – strictly voluntary but highly recommended. Please turn it off before dropping it off. Each day you will have this option to drop it off and pick it up as you need.
  • Optional Meditation: Chairs and cushions will be available. Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for seated meditation on a cushion or chair.
  • Clothing: Wear layers. Cool or warm in the meeting room. Wear walking shoes. 


We will meet for breakfast around 8 am in the Main Dining Room. Just ask for the Tracking Wonder table.

Optional Guided Meditation

I will guide you through my simple, grounded approach to meditation, which is aimed ultimately to do three things: 1) foster soft focus & awareness, 2) foster awareness of awareness, and 3) foster self-trust. We will repeat a few breathing exercises each morning followed by either two rounds of ten minutes of guided meditation or one round of twenty minutes. During the meditation, I will periodically speak with the aim to keep your awareness “awake.”

You will have access to chairs or cushions. Wear comfortable, appropriate clothing.


We will begin each day with an optional guided meditation at 7:15 am at the Rose/Dogwood Room in the Conference House. 

Breakfast will be from 8am – 9am at the Main Dining Room.

We will break for lunch as a group between 12:00pm and 12:30pm each day.

We will wrap by 7 pm on Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday evening, we will meet after dinner for a special evening reading. On Thursday, we will wrap by 3pm.

We do have breaks scheduled throughout the day as well.

You will receive more detailed schedules each morning.

Wednesday Evening Reading

On the final night, we will co-hold a Wednesday Evening Reading. This is our opportunity to experience each other’s wisdom and “medicine” so to speak. You will have up to 5 minutes to read something you have written. It can be a blog post, a podcast script, a statement to your team, a manifesto, a leadership statement to yourself, a page from a book you are writing, a poem, part of an essay – anything that you have written and would like to share. Note: What you read does not have to come from the retreat’s work, but it would be appropriate if it is a piece in which you are articulating a point of view and/or standing in your authority.

This reading will take place after dinner on Wednesday evening. We will let you know the location once we arrive. (wondrous smile)


What to Bring

  • Material related to your Focus Project or Endeavor
  • Something to write on and with. Laptops are welcome and encouraged – don’t forget power cords, chargers, and plug ins. 
  • Comfortable clothes and walking shoes. 
  • Layers for comfort in meeting room. 
  • Rain coat and/or umbrella if you enjoy walking in all weather
  • Camera – it is stunningly beautiful at Mohonk. 
  • Your muse and your intention to be open.


Meeting Venue

Mohonk Mountain House Resort

1000 Mountain Rest Road
New Paltz, NY 12561

We will be meeting at the Mohonk Mountain House Resort in their Dogwood/Rose Room. We will set up breakout spaces plus we will have tables and chairs set up for group work. We’ll also provide information about perfect nooks and crannies throughout the resort for individual deep work.



We recommend flying into Albany Airport or Stewart International Airport.


Train Service is available via Metro North and Amtrak trains to the Poughkeepsie Train Station.

We recommend that you take a taxi from Poughkeepsie train station to Mohonk. Taxi fares may vary.


Bus service available on Adirondack Trailways to the New Paltz Bus Station. Service to Mohonk departs from:

Port Authority in New York City
Albany Trailways Terminal
Route 17 in Ridgewood, New Jersey
Locations in Southern New York and Long Island

Mohonk’s Guest Services staff can provide transportation from the bus station in New Paltz to the resort. For pickup at the bus station, please call Guest Services department at (845) 256-2016 at least 24 hours in advance.

Ground Transportation

Taxis and car services are available. We recommend Black Diamond Transportation.

Also, if you wish to explore the Hudson Valley, we highly recommend renting a car.

Based on need, we will provide one group shuttle from Albany Airport and Stewart International Airport on Sunday, September 29 leaving the respective airports at approximately 3:30pm ET. Additionally, based on need we will provide a shuttle to Albany Airport and Stewart International Airport leaving Mohonk Mountain House at 3:30pm ET on Thursday, October 3rd. If you would like to utilize any of these shuttles, please let Erin know no later than September 9, 2019 via email at


Mohonk Mountain House Resort

We have build an incredible relationship with the Mohonk Mountain House Resort and always enjoy visiting this incredible resort.

We have partnered with them to secure a discounted nightly rate for you from the evening of September 29th through October 3rd.

For a single room, you will pay just $349 per night. For a double room, you will pay just $249 per night. If you choose a double room, you will need secure another retreat attendee to share a room with. We are happy to help you make connections to make this happen but it will ultimately be your responsibility.

NOTE: This rate does include 3 meals each day, starting with dinner on your date of check-in through lunch on your date of check out.

To secure your reservation, call Mohonk Reservations at (855) 883-3798 and let the reservation agent know that you are booking your room for the Tracking Wonder event with Jeffrey Davis on September 29 through October 3.


Your room rate for Mohonk Mountain House Resort includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day starting with dinner on your date of check-in and through lunch on your date of check-out.

If you have specific dietary restrictions, we are happy to communicate them to Mohonk staff. They will be able to accommodate them. Please let us know at

We will provide a morning and afternoon snack in our meeting space, that has healthy options and some variety.

We will have dinner reservations made for you for Sunday evening so you can enjoy a meal with the group before we begin on Monday morning. 

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or requests, please send Erin a note at She is happy to help!

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