Mindful Marketing & Branding in a Post-Pandemic World

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Dear Change-Maker ~

As creative leaders, we are called to design solutions that are novel, useful, and healing in this time of great uncertainty. But lately, many of the creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to have expressed a tension between the impulse to forge ahead in their work and the fear of coming off as insensitive or disingenuous in their marketing efforts. The reality is that…

COVID-19 will forever change the way we work.

And we are called to adapt to lead our brands and businesses, our customers and clients, our communities with integrity & creativity. Many of you may be asking:

How do we move forward with our work and market our business or brand in a time when so many people are suffering?

What are the new guidelines for doing business as UNusual in this new world?

Our next MasterClass responds to these questions to guide us through these trying times. In this MasterClass, I will share industry-specific insights that train you to brand with integrity, market mindfully, and show up consistently for your most impactful work in the world. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But there are principles and practices we each can weigh and test together to respond to this complex crisis.

I’m glad you’ll join me and other change-makers from around the world who are questing for common ends in these uncertain times. We need to finesse these times together.

Thanks for running with me,


Are you ready to learn to market mindfully

so you can make a difference?

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Who is Jeffrey?

Veteran brand story strategist, author, and founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy Jeffrey Davis partners with professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, soulful seekers, and organizations to advance their most meaningful work. As an online columnist on the psychology of creativity for Psychology Today and host of the Tracking Wonder Podcast, he researches how exemplary and everyday geniuses of creativity flourish in times of challenge and change. He brings his synthesis of entrepreneurship, creative output, research, Zen practice, teaching, and time-tested experiments to BASS.


In this MasterClass, Jeffrey will offer you the tools and guidance to show you how to


Use cognitive reframes that help you break through your “ick” marketing blocks.


Pivot your brand point of view to market for this cultural moment in an authentic way.


Follow principles for integral brand storytelling and relationships-first marketing.


Discover the most effective digital tools for communicating your brand story and community building.




But our world has tilted and changed in a matter of weeks. How do you shape a creative life of meaning, mastery, and impact in these times – all with wit, compassion, and integrity? In this ever-shifting culture and economy, maybe you need skills, strategies, & support to do so. That’s where BASS comes in.

“BASS” stands for “Business Artist Strategies & Skills.” “Business Artist” is just a fancypants way of saying you’re someone willing to muster creative intelligence as well business acumen to advance your message and medicine in the world and have more meaningful impact on people’s lives.

BASS MasterClasses invite you into our virtual studio to learn, create, test out, and earn – earn respect, recognition, return.

Join us.

Are you ready to learn to market mindfully

so you can make a difference?


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