A New Kind of Online
MasterClass Series

“BASS” stands for “Business Artist Strategies & Skills” because these Masterclasses
stock your business artistry backpack with actionable strategies and skills.

Starting April 15, 2020

You have ample ideas and grand ideals.
Maybe you have a body of knowledge.

But how do you execute those ideas into projects & programs, businesses & books—all with wit and integrity? In this ever-shifting culture and economy, you need skills, strategies, & support to build your business and your brand. You need business artistry.

Business artistry invites us to learn like scientists, create like artists, and earn like entrepreneurs.

Learn. Create. Earn.

BASS MasterClasses stock your business artistry backpack with actionable strategies and skills.

We do so by inviting you into our virtual studio to learn, create, test out, and earn—respect, recognition, return. Join us.

“BASS” stands for “Business Artist Strategies & Skills.”

“Business Artist” is just a fancypants way of saying you’re someone willing to muster creative intelligence as well business acumen to advance your message in the world, turn your knowledge into profit, and have more meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Jeffrey Davis is a brand storyteller, strategist, author, poet, and founder of Tracking Wonder: a creative consultancy based on the premise that wonder can infuse our work and life with curiosity, deep purpose, and connection.

Creator of the Brand Artistry Labs events, the Tracking Wonder Podcast, and author of Tracking Wonder: The Surprising Path to a Creative Life of Effortless Mastery (forthcoming, Sounds True 2021), Jeffrey has helped thousands of people advance their best, most meaningful ideas into businesses, brands, and books. He’s helped first-time authors land handsome book advances with Big 5 and independent presses and who’ve become New York Times best-sellers. He’s helped numerous clients build and launch businesses through strategic branding with integrity.

He also writes on the science of creativity and entrepreneurship as a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Creativity Post.

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you can start doing business as unusual?

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