Let’s Spread the Wonder!

Become a prized member of the Dream Team for my new book, Tracking Wonder – for FREE!

The Dream Team is a group of people who volunteer to spread the word about Tracking Wonder to their networks. It’s free to join. Special benefits listed below.

I have a dream in which more and more people wake up each morning open to possibility, approach surprises with more creativity than reactivity, and close the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do.

What I’m Asking:

November 9, 2021 is book launch day for TRACKING WONDER. That’s a little more than four months away. And here’s where I get uncomfortable: asking for your help. 

But to be in integrity with our motto Do It Together Beats Do It Yourself, I’m inviting you to join the Tracking Wonder Dream Team. 

What is the Dream Team?

Leading up to Launch Day (November 9, 2021), I’m gathering a group of book insiders, advisors, and ambassadors. We’ll build a community around the book and its potential impact.

You’ll get behind-the-scenes insights into our process, meet other mindful change-makers and leaders in our community, and offer us your insights and wits to further the Dream and Spread the Wonder. 

Wonder has a beautiful relational facet – CONNECTION.

You can start Tracking Wonder sooner than later – and in the company of others.

What you get:

Monthly Zoom Rallies

We’ll connect live to gain direct experience with the facets of wonder.

Exclusive Content

The first 3 chapters of the book, months in advance of anyone else!

Genuine Connection

With other Dream Team members through our private portal.

Behind-The-Scenes Peeks

Learn what really goes on for a book launch.


Your wits, skills, and love will help spread the wonder!

No creative endeavor reaches its full potential in isolation.

When we come together, dreams become real. And I’m grateful for you stepping up to help this one become so.

Your Contribution 

(How You’ll Be Asked to Help)


Preorder Tracking Wonder. (Preferably from Amazon for algorithmic reasons but you can preorder from wherever you wish.)


Participate in our private portal and monthly rallies to make the most of our Dream Team community.


Post an honest review of the book on Amazon the week of release.


Post about the book on your social channels, and/or email lists the week of release. 

Our First Event!

Dream Team Kickoff Rally
Thursday, July 22
5-6 pm ET | 4-5 pm CT | 3-4 pm MT | 2-3 pm PT
via Zoom & Facebook Live

Get sneak peek practices to track wonder, get connected, and get equipped to spread the wonder. (Big news reveal!)

Ready to Spread the Wonder?

Preorder Tracking Wonder and join the Dream Team today!

Who is Jeffrey? 

Jeffrey works with and researches innovators, social psychologists, writers, and leaders to discover how people flourish in times of rampant challenge and change. Through his community, company, and podcast Tracking Wonder, he and his team work with mindful change-makers and organizations to advance their best ideas for a better world – with wonder. as the agent. He has presented at conferences, universities, and organizations throughout the country. He is the author of four books and is a regular contributor to Psychology Today online. He lives in the Hudson Valley with his two young daughters and wife Hillary.

Tracking Wonder: Reclaim a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity

is the first book to uncover how you can foster six facets of wonder and activate your young genius – your innate force of character that can guide you toward your most meaningful work in the world.

With science, time-tested applications, Tracking Wonder Journey invitations, and stories from the likes of Oliver Sacks, Arianna Huffington, and soul surfer Bethany Hamilton as well as everyday geniuses of creativity – Tracking Wonder will change the way you see your life, and make it meaningful.

Ready to Spread the Wonder?

Preorder Tracking Wonder and join the Dream Team today!