Dear Florida Creativity Conference Friend ~

Thanks for engaging me this weekend. I’ve already met some remarkable people from so many different fields doing remarkable things. I wanted to offer you a copy of our 12 Principles to Do Business As Unusual. It’s our Business Artist Manifesto. “Business Artist” is what we call most of the people – within and outside of organizations – we work with. A growing band of us wants to change the way we do business. We hunger for something different.

I invite you to watch this Business as Unusual video to see if it resonates. If it does, keep reading below.

We want to feel utterly, wildly alive.

We are business artists,

and together we are becoming masters at creating business as unusual.

Let me send you a Tracking Wonder Guide that will help you further bring more delight, surprise, and openness into your work flow. I’ll also give you a Project Brief sheet that can help you define the scope of a project, factoring in some elements you might not typically consider.

I’ll also send you my Sunday Dispatch that includes a weekly message & tip as well as curated resources I’ve found to inspire, provoke, and encourage you on your path to advance your best ideas for a better world.

I hope you’ll join me and this remarkable international community.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and an honor to work with you.

Thanks for running with me,


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