A Tracking Wonder Freedom Strategy

For Business Artists, Intentional Creatives,
and Thought Leaders

You or your team likely have more project ideas than you have time to execute them.

The irritating thing is there’s no tested, easy method for entrepreneurs, creatives, or teams to prioritize one project over the other.

The most common advice falls either into the “Trust your gut” camp or the “Let’s analyze the pros and cons” camp. Neither camp alone helps visionary entrepreneurs and creatives.

What if you could combine quick emotional intelligence with rational thinking to decide within minutes which project to prioritize over the other?

Enter the 7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment.

Discern and deliver on your best ideas.

7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment

Developed by Tracking Wonder Consultancy founder, author, Psychology Today columnist, and strategist Jeffrey Davis and designed by the Tracking Wonder Team, the 7-Minute Prioritizer includes these features:

  • an introduction to the psychology of flourishing and discernment
  • a Wonder-S.T.O.V.E. tool that takes you through 6 indicators to prioritize
  • concrete case studies and examples
  • a grid to prioritize projects
  • a “burners grid” to prioritize front burner, mid-burner, and back burner projects

The 7-Minute Prioritizer not only gives you a tool to prioritize. It also gives you a framework that can change how your mind discerns. For the long term.

“So many good projects, so many competing commitments – how to choose? Jeffrey has created an elegant way to home in on what’s the best choice so you can get into action. What a relief! Get it and then use it!”
Jen Louden | NYT best seller
“The 7-Minute Prioritizer is a game-changer. It takes the headache and hours/days/weeks/months out of making decisions about which projects to pursue. Discernment is such a key skill for anyone – whether making business decisions or life decisions, we want to make them from a place of knowledge, and this tool equips us with the necessary knowledge of what to put on the front burner, mid burner and back burner.”
Irina Barano, CPCC | Speaker, Facilitator, Executive Coach, IrinaBaranov.com
“Discerning which opportunities to pursue has been a bogeyman in my creative work for years. I just couldn’t settle on the criteria for choosing. When I saw Jeffrey’s 7-Minute Prioritizer, a long-standing obstacle dissolved in a moment. Not only are the categories for choice deeply resonant with an open-hearted and creative life, but the visual-thinking format is both reflective and grounding. The Prioritizer has been an absolute game-changer.”
Sunni Brown | Founder of Sunni Brown Ink, one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, and Amazon Best-Selling Author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution
Discern and deliver on your best ideas.