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Designed for professionals, thought leaders, business owners and creatives. Make time to do what matters.
Finding the time to do the stuff you’re most passionate about is hard.

These are trying times. You’re probably overwhelmed by obligations and tasks that don’t leave much time for the projects that light you up or to act on the social causes that stir you up.

As a mission-driven leader, creative, professional, or revolutionary thinker, how will you make time for those projects and causes?

Conventional planners and time management systems don’t cut it. Neither do random sticky notes plastered on your computer.

What if you could find a new kind of tool? One that that gets how your creative mind works? One that helps you bypass anxious overwhelm so you can get to the creative work and causes that matter most?

That tool is called the Mind Rooms Method.

Mind Rooms Guide is a different kind of time management and productivity tool for people who think and operate creatively.

I’ve developed it based on the psychology of creative thinking and productivity so you can

  • make time for the important work that calls you
  • eliminate complicated charts and sterile lines and endless to-do lists
  • fulfill your daily obligations and tasks while also making time to work on the big projects
  • take action on the work that matters most

In short, the Mind Rooms Guide shows you a method to plan your day, tasks, and life with meaning, beauty and functionality – and without frustration and overwhelm.

Learn how to Bypass Overwhelm, Make Time, and Shape Your Work Flow
There was so much I wanted and needed to take care of, a linear to-do list didn’t appeal to me. It couldn’t capture the energy that was building inside me.” – Suzie Massey


Several years ago, I was frustrated.

Our first baby girl had just been born, and I was torn between wanting to be fully present with my loved ones while also tending to the projects ahead of me.

No system I tried really got how my mind works or kept me motivated to “keep up” with my projects, tasks, and unexpected emergencies every day.

I was fighting time.

I needed a system that could motivate me to stay with it and that was flexible enough to handle the moving parts of my life, creative work, and growing business.

So I developed my own. I stopped fighting time and started shaping time.


The Mind Rooms Guide.

I tried it on myself and then tested it on clients before releasing it to our international community.

These best-selling authors, consultants, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs reported back that they instantly became less anxious, more productive, and were actually delighted to schedule their tasks & projects.

If you’re like me you have way more ideas for projects than you’ll ever manifest in this one wild and creative life. And I suspect you either resist “imposed order” on your creative schedule or you think you’ve “tried it all.”

If you’re seeking a method to free your mind from task-centered fret, become exponentially more productive, and do the work that makes a difference – then test out The Mind Rooms Guide.

Learn how to Bypass Overwhelm, Make Time, and Shape Your Work Flow

It’s your time to act.
Own your voice.
Make art.
Tell your story.
Do business-as-unusual.

Make time to do what matters.

Make time to act on the causes that call you.

Mind Rooms Guide Handbook – $19

Learn how to Bypass Overwhelm, Make Time, and Shape Your Work Flow

This book offers an elegant reframe to help you understand your relationship to time and “time management,” a background on the science of what motivates creative people in flow state, a 7-step easy-to-follow method for organizing your tasks with meaning + beauty + functionality, my 12 Riffs on Time, and 3 essays on the art & science of shaping time.

This guide will help you…

  • test out a 7-step process to eliminate overwhelm and create flow
  • make scheduling your days and time a delight
  • find time for meaningful work and still get all your tasks done
If as a result of this method you end up “saving” even one
hour a week, you will gain 48 hours or more this year.
How much is an additional 48 hours worth to you?

No more clunky, artless schedulers. No more mile-long to-do lists that never get shorter. No more scattered Post-It Notes crowding your computer.


See how members of our community use the Mind Rooms Guide.

Once you buy and test out the MRG, send us your images, testimonial, head shot, name, and website link, and we might include you in the next update. Thanks, and happy time-sculpting.

Don’t waste time. Start sculpting it.
“It would not be an exaggeration to say that using Mind Rooms has been life-changing for me. The concept of ‘rooms’ (which for me involve different qualities of energy, as well as roles) feels true-to-life in a way that the usual notion of ‘available appointment times’ does not. I track my energy through the day and week with far greater ease, and know how I want to expend it. My writing output has better than doubled.”
Wandajune Bishop-Towle | Poet & Yoga Therapist
“Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life. Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with – no kidding. Working with him is astonishing, energizing, and wonder-infusing. I keep returning to the notes from our sessions and using them like wise bread crumbs to find my way with my creative projects. I am far less anxious, more forgiving, and far more trusting of my process and book. He can be your secret weapon to creative productivity and compassion. He is mine.”
Jennifer Louden | Best-Selling Author & Teacher at
“Without the structure of start and end times, a determined entrepreneur, I soon found there was no start and end to my work. I was working all the time. Tools for shaping time have changed my relationship with time. Mind Rooms have heightened my awareness to how much my choices create the rhythms of my day. I am more productive now, and less busy. Ever a fine-tuning and changing process for me, Mind Rooms keeps me aligned with my vision and on task with my actions.”
Tanya Robie | Novelist
“I love Mind Rooms because I can build in flexibility. A schedule written in stone only causes you to avoid it and makes you a slave to time; a schedule with breathing space invites you to shape how you want to show up in your world. I encourage you to stop chasing time and explore how the Mind Rooms concept can bring greater ease and flexibility to your schedule and creative pursuits!”
Heidi E Johnson | Owner, Rock Canyon Coffee
Learn how to Bypass Overwhelm, Make Time, and Shape Your Work Flow