Shape, Ship, & Share Your Big Ideas

A Tool to Guide You to Your Thought Leadership


Something that could change the way people live, work, love, think.

You want to share your message in a way that brings people together, and emboldens them to take action. Who knows? Maybe behind your idea is a movement waiting to happen.

But how do you know if that idea floating in your head or in your Evernote files is worth anything? And what authority do you have to share your ideas?

I get it.

For several years I hid. Once I stopped hiding, I started standing up for the ideas burning inside me. And as I and my ideas stood out, people noticed. Opportunities opened.

You have a message that’s formed or being formed. But resistance and lack of know-how keep stumping you. I get it. That’s why I’ve authored Write to Lead.

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Increase your impact, influence, and income with integrity.

Write to Lead offers 10 simple kickstart strategies and exercises to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. In this book, I offer game-changing tactics to help you shape and ship your unique message, tackling your niggling resistance in the process.

Whether your field of influence is in health and wellness, entrepreneurship, or personal growth and productivity, you might not know where to begin with advancing content that will increase your impact and influence, if not your income.

Maybe your usual efforts get an echo chamber response.

Maybe your message has no focus.

Your shoot-in-the-dark “strategy” to use social media to push your stuff onto strangers? Ahem. That’s probably not working well either, is it?

Now is the time for you to write to lead and start standing up for the difference you want to make.

Get Started on our 10 Kickstart Actions

Write to Lead

10 Kickstart Actions to Shape, Ship, & Broadcast Your Distinct Message

A beautifully designed handbook that offers 10 concrete action steps to

  • Clarify your message
  • Publish consistently
  • Increase your audience size
  • Connect with your pack, your peers, and your potential collaborators
  • Turn your influential content to revenue and more


I’ll take you through a process that works. This process has helped me publish over 400 articles on Psychology Today, The Creativity Post, LinkedIn Pulse, Tracking Wonder, and elsewhere. Over the years, that content has become a body of work that has helped distinguish Tracking Wonder and earn the trust of a whole lotta customers, clients, and community from around the world.

What’s even better? This process has worked for numerous clients and members of our online strategic content community The Writing Den – from leadership experts to service professionals to speakers to coaches. It’s turned them around from being random bloggers to strategic content creators who have genuine influence and impact. I want that for you.

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Stop the stalling. Own your authority and inspire action.
Get Started on our 10 Kickstart Actions