Strategy Sessions with Jeffrey

Robust 75-minute virtual sit-downs with an ally and mentor on your side with a proven track record, an open heart, and a mind geared toward co-tracking problems and mapping action-biased strategies.

Come away with a clear strategy and actionable plan to advance toward your meaningful goals, have impact with your brand, and earn a return.

Sometimes you need strategic perspective on a specific priority sooner than later without a long-term commitment. We’ve designed Strategy Sessions for you specifically for that purpose.

This is you:

  • You work hard but aren’t fully leveraging your potential, best ideas, or business.
  • You yearn to have a cohesive public identity, Brand Story, and strategy that will help you efficiently advance your endeavors.
  • You need perspective & action steps to advance your brand, platform, book, or other endeavor.
  • You are ready to stop wasting time fretting on your own or downloading confusing and instead invest in collaborative, supportive guidance from an experienced mentor.

– Greg Hartle


You can schedule a Strategy Session Series of 3. 

Example Brand Story Foundation Canvas used in Jam Sessions
Example Vision Canvas used in Jam Sessions

Outcomes clients have gained from a Brand / Rebrand Story Foundation Strategy Session Series:

  • Strategy & recommendations to foreground brand’s distinct identity and value
  • Strategy & recommendations to captivate and elevate ideal “hero-client” market segments
  • Strategy & recommendations for core brand story messaging for online marketing & direct marketing
  • Capacity to design and frame offers, events, and deliverables through a distinct brand story lens
  • 6-month vision clarity for their business, brand, or book
  • Renewed clarity on what they uniquely do, for whom, and how to communicate why their brand matters in our times
  • Specific branding & marketing strategy for a brand goal or offer fulfillment
  • In-depth understanding of how to “speak” to their target market’s psychographic needs
  • Clearly articulated singular elegant idea & unique value proposition of their brand, book, or offer
  • Assessment of their best path to publish a book with recommended steps, allies, & resources
  • Prioritization of which opportunities to pursue when, next, or never
“Jeffrey’s coaching was outstanding and achieved in one day what I had struggled with for years. It was the best educational and discovery experience I have had since college and I am sure you will experience the same transformative success.”
Andy Ray | CEO of The [X]solve Group, Professional Speaker, Author
Andy Ray
“When you schedule a jam session with Jeffrey, you sign up for a collaboration with a master of creative problem-solving. Sparks fly, ideas form, and something newer and better than what you could have imagined on your own arises.
Jeffrey helped narrow down my labor-intensive, far-too-massive-idea for an opt-in offer into something focused and fun. The process was a blast and sent me back to writing with a sense of joy and possibility.”
Saundra Goldman | Writer, Teacher, Mentor,

How a Strategy Session with Jeffrey Differs from Most:

Although Jeffrey has worked literally with thousands of executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative knowledge workers, he still sees every client with a fresh perspective.

Pre-Session: Prime & Prep

A signature intake process helps you provide context and define session goals. Jeffrey sends 1+ customized assignments specific to your situation, needs, and goals.

Video Session: Jam

You don’t waste time. Jeffrey will help you talk through the situation to listen for patterns & opportunities, and then strategize and deliver. It’s not uncommon for Jeffrey to prepare a digital collaborative miro board just for you.

Post-Session: Reflect

You’ll check in between sessions to assure you’re on-track. A session “brief” with agreed-upon next steps helps you stay on track.

Grow your influence and earnings.

Series of 3 Jam Sessions