15 Strategies to Stand Up for Your Message, Lead With Your Mission, and Make An Exponential Difference – While Dosing Up on Wonder

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
7-9pm EST – limited spots available

Dear Entrepreneur, Creative, Hard-Working Professional ~

Something surprising happens when you crack open to what’s possible. And when you crack open in the company of other smart-hearted change-makers, well, possibility multiplies.

Dreams happen. Movements grow. Business as usual parts way to business as UNusual.

I know what gets in the way of making possibility real, though.

Your brain bursts with so many ideas and too little time.

Maybe the pieces of your business and creative efforts don’t fit into an elegant whole that speaks to your ideal customers.

Maybe you lack the day-in, day-out drive to keep lit up for what matters most to gain the best return and have the biggest impact.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your work but don’t know what’s next or how your work can evolve.

It’s easy to grow cynical and defeated where doubt clouds over possibility.

It’s easy to think that greed and manipulation prevail in business – and that you either have to play the business-as-usual games or go home.

Soon you’re doubting your ability to grow your business or brand with integrity. You’re doubting your ability to make a dent let alone a difference in the world.

But what if there were another reality?

What if the nature of our current Mission Economy made this year your year?

What if this year could be your year to start making monumental changes in your mindset, in your brand, and in the lives of people affected by your work?

What if you could cohere everything you do around a meaningful mission that ultimately rippled with exponential impact?

Make 2019 your year to Live the Quest of a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
7-9pm EST – limited spots available

Live the Quest

When you Live the Quest, you tap your original genius – the best part of you that’s been on this ride with you all along and that will lead you to your absolute best work in the world.

When you Live the Quest, you lead with a mission – a sense of purpose that lights up your genius and coheres everything you do in a way that captivates your customers and community.

When you Live the Quest, you don’t just make a difference. You and your brand ultimately promote exponential impact – the kind of difference that reaches beyond trading hours for dollars and that ripples to thousands and thousands of people beyond your direct touch.

You gain unprecedented, unexpected return.

At the LIVE THE QUEST online event, you will:

  • learn the research of why this year is the year mission-centered brands will flourish
  • learn the seminal traits that distinguish entrepreneurs and creatives who flourish from those who flounder
  • discover proven foundational strategies to stand up for your message
  • gain demonstrated key strategies to lead with your mission
  • learn practices and frameworks to have exponential impact & return
  • see examples from entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives who are flourishing with these skills & talents
  • gain exclusive access to a branding program for creatives & entrepreneurs
  • ask us questions about your own situation and experience
2019 is a year of pragmatic possibility.
Let’s make it your year.
“Jeffrey Davis will change your creative life. Best creative genius teacher I have ever worked with – no kidding.”
Jen Louden | Pioneer in the personal growth movement, best-selling author, & teacher extraordinaire, jenniferlouden.com

Make 2019 your year to Live the Quest of a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
7-9pm EST – limited spots available

My Doubts & Struggles


I know these doubts and struggles. I’ve authored books with the Big 5 and independent presses and built a business with a growing team that serves a diverse clientele and whose impact reaches an international community. We’ve seeded an organic movement of people endeavoring to do business as unusual – with integrity and genuine missions leading the way. People we call business artists.

But 10 years ago, I couldn’t see where it or I were going. Within 10 years, while building my brand and business, I weathered a divorce, a new marriage, Lyme’s Disease four times, a raging house fire, my father’s death, mis-hires and fires, bad investments of finite resources, and loads of self-doubt. The challenges that came with birthing two girls in that time were relative blessings.

On the creative entrepreneur’s path, there were and are always more questions than answers, more messy experimenting than easy solutions.

And yet I do know certain truths about living the creative entrepreneur’s path – truths based on our research, work, successes, failures, and conversations with top-performing change-makers.

The creative entrepreneur’s path calls you to Live the Quest.

Join me and a growing pack of business artists from around the globe for an extraordinary 2-hour online event that will change the way you Live The Quest in 2019.

~ Jeffrey


Jeffrey is a sought-after strategist in branding, brand story strategy, and platform-building. He also is author of the pioneering book on writing and creative process, The Journey from the Center to the Page (Penguin) who relishes helping accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and agile life designers advance their ideas into brands, businesses, and books that enrich a part of the world.

He has helped and influenced literally tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals, and change-makers – and now ignites a community of change-makers from 32 countries and 47 states. He lives the Do-It-Together mentality in his daily work and life.

Like a midwife, Jeffrey held the space for me to discover my authentic needs and desires for my next project.
Karen Brody | Author of Daring To Rest (Sounds True) + Founder of Daring To Rest™, daringtorest.com

Make 2019 your year to Live the Quest of a lifetime.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
7-9pm EST – limited spots available