Uprooting Lyme

More Than Skin Deep

Hillary Thing is humble about her depth of knowledge. Since 1996 Hillary has served people in dire need through the lens of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and herbalism. In her early days in New York City, she served as an acupuncturist in the South Bronx Lincoln Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Clinic, and the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Initiative for Women with Disabilities Program. She also taught graduate-level courses and served as Clinical Supervisor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

When she moved to New York’s Hudson Valley she built her own local practice, and her solid reputation spread. So what was the problem?

She already had a website with a robust shopping cart for her local practice. But living in the Hudson Valley, she had taken deep dives into researching and training treating people in a growing epidemic: Lyme’s disease and its many complex coinfections.

Hillary came to Tracking Wonder with clear business and brand needs: As her business model became more niche, Hillary needed to define her distinct integrative frameworks, methodology, offers, and point of view. But she also had a bigger vision. She wanted to reach people well beyond her brick-and-mortar local clinic and reach people globally, and she wanted to shift the complicated conversation around Lyme’s Disease by getting experts and practitioners in different fields to talk with one another. She needed an online presence that could present Hillary as a potential thought leader in this field.

A Framework for International Growth

Hillary is self-directed and has a degree in writing from The New School in New York so she didn’t need much help in writing copy. She took our online branding program ArtMark™ and came to us with a clear conception of her Brand Story, her professional heritage and personal story, and her fresh angle on Lyme’s disease. She also had a private VIP Day with Jeffrey where she better grasped how to frame the New Story of Health and how to speak to her targeted market and what we identified as her Potential Hero Segments.

We listened to how she worked, what was distinct about her methodology, and tapped into her self-assessments. From that Research & Discovery work, we offered a new brand name and tagline.

We also offered input on refining her Signature System of 5 Phases for Uprooting Lyme.

For the palette, we wanted hues that evoked nature since Hillary’s methodology draws from deep knowledge of natural principles at work, but we also wanted warmer soft colors to complement the shades of green we chose.

The logo is designed to be simple yet evocative of an upward progressive movement of wellness and improved health. We wanted the lettering and the symbolic representation of the roots to evoke solidity with a trace of Chinese ideograms since Hillary’s core modality is in Chinese Medicine.

We also created an easy shopping cart solution for Hillary’s many signature products from her apothecary.

Life After Launch

Shortly after the website launched, Hillary developed and launched her first international Lyme’s Summit. The site enabled her to attract and interview other world-class experts in Lyme’s and to double her community size. Now Hillary regularly draws hundreds of people to each of her informative webinars. Her team has grown to include a team of associate practitioners, her clinic is full, she serves patients globally, and she leads an annual mentorship training program for other practitioners in complementary modalities.

We’re currently helping Hillary’s team redesign her Uprooting Lyme programs to be stand-alone courses so even more people can receive her valuable signature medicine and live with more vitality even in the face of disease.

Let’s jam about your vision & signature online story.