Design Your Best Year Ever

A free 31-Day Online Community Experience

December 1-31, 2020

Wonder is no accident. Wonder is Designable #DesignWonder

New Year’s resolutions can be more of a burden than the inspiration they’re intended to be. On one hand, we take stock of all we had hoped to do this year but didn’t, and on the other, we wonder if we can muster the energy and perseverance to make things different.

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but what if we could apply this crystal clear vision and laser focus to the year to come? Instead of pinning your hopes on lofty, intangible goals, what if you used a proven set of tools to define your intentions and had the help of a creative community to map the path to them? What if – in short – you could design a year of wonder, delight, and healthy productivity?

We invite you to throw out your New Year’s Resolutions and to-do lists and join Quest2020 to experience a whole new way of envisioning change and elevating your work to live your most excellent life.

More than 80% of businesses do not properly monitor their goals once they set them.

Sound familiar? Something has to give. Research shows that actually writing down your goals, creating clear benchmarks, and (better yet) sharing them can dramatically increase the likelihood that you will follow through and meet your goals with confidence. Our Quest is designed with this research in mind.

Quest2020 is a month-long online experience that will help you plan for a year of delight, wonder, curiosity, and creativity. These qualities can boost your sense of well-being, strengthen bonds, and ensure that you enjoy your work and life along the way.

More importantly, Quest2020 is about Doing-it-Together, not Doing-it-Yourself.

Don’t plan in isolation. Evidence bears out that one of the most effective ways to create healthier habits is to tap into the strength and support of your community. This December, you will be a member of a warm, smart-hearted community, where you can enjoy different perspectives, encouragement, and the kind of motivating accountability which will help you to create more positive habits and reach your most important goals.

Are You Ready to Design 2020 for Optimum Wonder?


Why Join Quest?

  • Get inspiration and clarity for your Quest with the mind-opening, game-changing instigations of visionary thought leaders and experts in their field.
  • Gain exclusive strategic support, tools, and wisdom from Jeffrey Davis – Tracking Wonder founder, veteran strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, and papa of two young girls.
  • Break through any sense of isolation by sharing your Quest with an international community of engaged, empathetic change-makers who are actively searching for a better way to work, to do business as unusual, and to create a better world.
  • Build momentum for your vision to form the strategic, methodical habits which can help you map your year and track your wonder.

How Does Quest Work?


Jeffrey draws upon his body of work and research from the past 15 years on the nature of experiencing and designing for wonder. The Quest experience aims to take you on a thematic adventure every week, providing you with the resources, practices, and tools to design your own wondrous life.

You gain access to exclusive conversations between Jeffrey and top influential Quest Visionaries on how to design your life, work, creative projects, and contributions to our culture at large so you have the best year ever.

Based on those conversations and Jeffrey’s evidence-based and tested strategies, Jeffrey will release to you exclusive audio, instigations, and Design for Wonder Challenges so you can practice a different way of life today as you plan for a better tomorrow.

Week One

LIVE: Your Daily Practices
Design for more surprise & purpose in your everyday life.

Week Two

WORK: Your Delightful Work
Design for delight with your customers or co-workers.

Week Three

MAKE: Your Creativity
Design for more curiosity and insight with what you create in this world.

Week Four

LOVE: Your Impact
Design for more openness and impact for your community, customers, and culture at large.

Are You Ready to Design 2020 for Optimum Wonder?


Why Did Quest Begin & Who Started It?


Five years ago, Tracking Wonder’s CEO, Jeffrey Davis, noticed that otherwise talented professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and workers stalled out on their visions after a few months or less of planning.

SMART goal-setting, vision boards, strategic planning – the old methods weren’t working.

So Jeffrey imagined a different approach – a community approach driven by inspiring visionaries. In the past few years, Jeffrey has invited visionaries such as Seth Godin, Krista Tippet, Jason Silva, Pam Slim, Jonathan Fields, Tara Mohr, and numerous others to offer imagination-blowing inquiries, questions, and instigations to fuel a wholly different approach to envisioning and living out a new year.

The results speak for themselves.

“What I got from Quest was the confidence to tell my story.”
Nancy Seibel | Founder & Principal, Keys to Change
“We forged a group of such support, and such compassion and encouragement.”
Peggy Acott | Storyteller
“Quest connects inspiration and aspiration together.”
Jon Mertz | Author & Leadership Coach

Veteran brand story strategist, author, and founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy Jeffrey Davis partners with high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to brand with integrity and to expand their influence and income. As an online columnist on the psychology of creativity for Psychology Today and The Creativity Post, he combines elements of creative thinking, design thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in the field of branding.

Host of the Tracking Wonder Podcast, he holds roundtable conversations with visionary thought leaders in diverse fields to dig deep into their entrepreneurial journey, to uncover tips and advice for designing and living their best life, and to understand how they move through the quest of creative work and life with wonder, curiosity, and openness.

Jeffrey brings over 25 years of living and engaging deliberately to everything he does.

Wonder fuels him. Wonder momentarily dissolves our habitual ways of seeing, relating, and feeling so that for a moment we glimpse what is real and what is possible. And wonder informs everything he makes and does at Tracking Wonder.

Are You Ready to Design 2020 for Optimum Wonder?


Meet Our Quest2020 Visionaries


Each Tuesday in December, you gain access to exclusive conversations between Jeffrey and two or more of these guest Visionaries.

Srinivas Rao

Host of The Unmistakable Creative podcast and Author of The Art of Being Unmistakable

Tracy Fullerton

Game Designer (Walden), Educator and Author

Mark Osborne

Two-time Academy Award®-Nominated Director of The Little Prince

Marty Neumeier

Author of Scramble and Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency

Tom Hodgkinson

Author and Editor of The Idler

Julianne Swartz

World-Renowned Installation Artist

Denise Markonish

Curator at MASS MoCA

Jonathan Fields
Charlie Gilkey
Susan Piver
Seth Godin
Sally Hogshead
Jen Louden
Todd Henry
Krista Tippett
Linda Rottenberg
Jenny Blake
Pam Slim
Leo Babauta

Ready to Run with Us?

If you want to commit to a life of wonder – away from the “hacks” and the cheats and the five minute solutions, then join us this December. We will Track Wonder as a community, and build 2020 into being the most wondrous year yet. Enrollment is open now, and best of all? It’s totally free.