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Not another talk. An experience.

Pragmatic possibility for your team or conference of entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, business owners


The best events leave memorable impressions. That’s what you want for your event’s attendees – a lasting memory that will energize their best work and leave them talking about your event long after.

When you hire me as a speaker, iI aim to create that kind of memorable experience for your audience.

Your audience has real problems and questions. I check in and deliver accordingly.

My signature keynotes equip audiences to brand with integrity, create optimal work cultures, and shape a work life that brings out their best ideas & qualities.


When You Hire Me You Can Count On


You’re under pressure with tight deadlines. When you contact me, a team member will be in touch promptly. You can count on clear, responsive communication from us.

Customized Design

Before an event, you, a team member and I will have a conversation to assure I understand precisely your audience’s needs and your needs.

Possibility & Pragmatism

So much is possible when we couple our ideals with what works. Every talk helps people see what’s possible by giving them immediately actionable steps to make a difference.

Full Delivery

You want your audience to feel connected. I engage your audience before and after a talk. I want them to feel charged to creating a new story of working well and making a difference.

A Little Extra

If your event is public and you want a PR boost, we’ll make an announcement on our blog and social media channels. We’ll make a resource page just for your event attendees that will include my slide deck and links to other useful resources. Someone on my team will follow up with a few questions to assure I met your expectations.

“Jeffrey’s dynamic and engaging style had folks talking long after the program concluded. We were thrilled by the balance of inspiration, exercises, and interactive discussion. It all struck just the right tone for our group.”
Ajax Greene | Social Venture Institute Hudson Valley Co-producer

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My Experience

I have electrified audiences from 50 to over 500 in several countries. Every talk differs. So, you won’t get a “packaged” talk here. But do know that for over 20 years, I have had the honor to interview, work with, and speak to literally thousands of innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists all with the aim to understand how people can thrive in times of challenge and change.

My experience can be distilled into two topics I am impassioned about and write about for outlets such as Psychology Today and The Creativity Post:


How high-performing creatives, team members, and entrepreneurs motivate themselves as well as influence others for the better


How the most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations dare to lead with a living mission

“Jeffrey delivered exactly what we were looking for – a session that would both inspire and elicit interaction. He was engaging, insightful and stimulating. His presentation generated numerous “aha” moments. A delight.
Lucille DiDomenico | Chair, Annual Conference Planning Committee, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers & Executive Director, Conference of Southwest Foundations

Keynote Topics

My keynote talks motivate and equip teams, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals to thrive at branding, creative action, and team work.


audiences of entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations who want to delight customers, inspire innovative thinking & action, and distinguish their brand

What if the secret to mastery among high-performing innovators was not 10,000 hours of deliberate practice but something much more counter-intuitive? Based on Jeffrey’s research of over 100 high-performing innovators (The Tracking Wonder 100), this talk offers a new take on what it means to reach mastery in creative and entrepreneurial fields.

Key take-away: An intelligent naiveté triumphs over know-it-all expertise when it comes to innovating and reaching toward mastery.


entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations ready to leverage the power of story for branding & marketing

Your team’s marketing efforts flounder without knowing your brand story. This talk takes your audience through a 4-part Brand Story strategy that motivates your team and makes marketing effective and enjoyable. Your team or audience will:

  • learn why focusing on branding versus a brand gains a greater return
  • find out the most important way to view potential customers
  • discover strategies to distinguish a brand in the content glut
  • receive actionable steps to start telling a powerful brand story

The Story Your Brand Lives is also a workshop for teams and conferences.


entrepreneurs, professionals, and audiences ready to leverage the power of story for marketing

Stuff does not drive people. Stories do. When a team loses its drive, they likely have lost sight of the purpose and ideal that unifies them and sparks them to meaningful creative action. This interactive talk unveils 5 universal story ideals & themes that drive most human beings to create, to collaborate, to buy. Participants come away with tools to help them identify and act upon the key ideal that drives them, their team, and their company to deliver their best work.

Workshop Topics

My workshops are custom-designed specifically for your needs. Here are the main topics requested.

How to Add Delight, Surprise & Curiosity to Your Work Place

organizations and entrepreneurs

Wonder is not kid’s stuff. It’s radical grown-up stuff. The singular experience of wonder can boost your generosity, fuel your creativity, and deepen what you care about. Sounds nice, but how do you experience wonder amidst your daily punch list? In this evidence-based workshop of psychological interventions, Jeffrey shows you how to

  • learn to switch from worry to delight within minutes
  • experience radical openness and ease in conversation
  • gain tools to awaken your natural “young genius” playfulness
  • watch your mind’s wonders with amusement more than anxiety

Staying Driven to Completion

entrepreneurs, teams, professionals, and creatives who handle big projects and endeavors

How do you sustain motivation beyond the buzz of a project’s or big endeavor’s new sheen? This workshop offers your audience a fresh, science-based way to abolish limiting perceptions, prejudgments of collaborators, fear of failure, and purposeless activity.

“Jeffrey delivered an exceptional keynote presentation at our annual tourism conference. His ability to take his experience and deliver it in such a way that he understood the character profile of the group and unique needs of our region and organization was refreshing in a keynote space that is dominated by cookie-cutter presenters and styles. If you want a captivating speaker that will take the time to truly understand your goals and audience and deliver inspirational messaging and ideas with tangible takeaways, then look no further than Jeffery Davis. With the weight of delivering a successful event on my shoulders, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Jeffrey and his team from start to finish. I always had the sense that they really and truly cared about our desired outcomes and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Tracking Wonder again!”
Stephanie Hessel | Tourism Development and Industry Relations Coordinator, Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization

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