Stand in Wonder 2022:
Surprising Strategies to Feel Lit Up Instead of Burnt Out in 2022


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2-3:30pm ET | 1-2:30pm CT | 11am-1pm PT
6pm-8pm in London | 7am-8:30am, Wednesday, January 26 in Sydney

Limited Spots! Registration Ends January 24 at 5pm ET

Are You Going to Fall in Love or Stand in Love & Wonder?

These times have weighed on all of us. If we’ve learned anything it’s that we can’t approach 2022 with business as usual. A new era requires a new approach to how we work, create, and live outside of work.

Maybe you’re ready now to lean into leadership or advance an endeavor or simply uplevel who you want to be in 2022 —but without burning out or burning bridges.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your work but don’t know what’s next or how your work can evolve.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned after interviewing and working with so many fulfilled innovators: Every big idea begets a series of challenges. The question is whether you and I can muster the tools and company to face them and flourish instead of flee them and flounder.

It’s one thing to fall in love with a fantasy for a better year and a better life. It’s a whole other thing to stand in love and wonder with a dream you’re devoted to – through thick and thin.

Whatever your aims and tensions, you likely know that wishful thinking and standard strategy alone won’t get you to the year, the life, the work you yearn for.

What if instead you could still advance impactful work without working yourself into the ground this year?

The Invitation: STAND IN WONDER.

Enter Stand in Wonder

In this FREE ONLINE EVENT, Jeffrey inspires and equips you and other leaders, change-makers, and professionals with surprising yet timely and evidence-based frameworks that come from Jeffrey’s 15+ years of research and body of work in the areas of business innovationmindfulness, and human flourishing.


discover the #1 emotional experience that fulfilled innovators across fields and industries foster (psst: It’s not grit),

learn the #1 tactic fulfilled innovators employ that counters “positive thinking”

learn proven elements of an actionable & flexible vision,

gain demonstrated strategies to advance your work without burning out,

discover why human beings are challenged to focus and what you can do about it,

get inspired by attainable examples of innovators and leaders you know or want to know,

ask questions about your own desires and goals.

Who is This Guy & What is Tracking Wonder?

Thought leader strategist and team culture consultant Jeffrey Davis equips leaders and change-makers to leverage their bold ideas with integrity, influence, and wonder.

Jeffrey is CEO of Tracking Wonder – a consultancy, company, and community devoted to creating a world where people thrive at work and life outside of work.

Jeffrey’s most recent book TRACKING WONDER: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity (Sounds True 2021) distills 15+ years of applied research in the science of wonder, innovation, and mindfulness.

Jeffrey works with and interviews creative innovators, social psychologists, and mindful leaders to discover how people flourish in times of rampant challenge and change. He has traveled widely to share his teachings on creative fulfillment, impactful work, and the beauty of living this one life with integrity.

He writes for, hosts the Tracking Wonder Podcast Show, and is the author of four books.

He lives in a farmhouse with his wife, two young daughters, and Ash the Wonder Dog in the Hudson Valley of New York.

The Tracking Wonder Advantage

Be In Integrity.

Everything we do at TRACKING WONDER arises out of acute self-knowledge. When a leader or change-maker makes decisions based on their core character, virtues, and values, then they are more likely to have influence with integrity.

Track The Facets Of Wonder.

Wonder is a quiet disruptor of our biased perception so we can see again what is real and true, beautiful and possible. It turns out that fulfilled innovators across industries keep an abiding connection to wonder. And they actively seek experiences of openness & curiosity, bewilderment & hope, connection & admiration.

Act With Wise Strategy.

Anyone can come up with tactics and ideas. But fulfilled innovators, leaders, and change-makers learn to discern which ideas to execute, when, and in what sequence. They act with a vision that resonates at their core and at a pace that elevates them and their team.

Keep Cracking Open To What’s Possible.

Cynicism is easy these days. The work ahead for all of us requires pragmatic possibility. Tracking wonder is a skill set anyone can learn in order to reclaim a life of meaning and possibility.

Tracking Wonder convenes a unique community of leaders and change-makers who aim to advance impactful work that benefits the greater good.

Advance Your Best Work & Life This Year.

Together we can do so much more for the greater good than alone. Make this year matter like no year before.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2-3:30pm ET | 1-2:30pm CT | 11am-1pm PT
6pm-8pm in London | 7am-8:30am, Wednesday, January 26,2022 in Sydney


Registration Ends Monday, January 24 at 5pm ET