Vision 2021 Canvas Mapping

This 2-hour experience gives you clarity on

  • your most important goals best suited for your genius traits,
  • the challenges you will face and how to finesse them,
  • the strengths you must bring forward to meet them,
  • the people you’re best suited to engage and elevate,
  • the brand rally cry of deep purpose that will motivate you and your team to show up every day, and
  • the next big steps you need to take to reach your goals.

You also will have a road map of monthly priorities for the next several months. So, no more getting anxious about trying to do everything right now.

How does it work?

You receive in the mail our poster-sized Tracking Wonder Vision Canvas and a pack of right-sized Post-It notes. You complete a Vision Intake, take two self-assessments, and possibly a custom assignment. You and I jam for 2 hours via ZOOM. You come away with a clear plan, surprising insights, and a flexible Vision Canvas. I will follow up with a refined Road Map Google Sheet that lays out monthly priorities so you don’t get overwhelmed and meet success one month at a time.

Sign up now and prepare to envision your best year yet.