You are a Wonder Artist!

Congratulations, again. You have a high ratio of wonder in your life. You might even say you’re a Wonder Artist – someone who more often than not shapes days like clay and faces a day’s challenges with a high degree of openness and curiosity.



You likely feel confident in your ability to handle bewildering surprises and are learning to be flexible and experimental with challenges. When confused or even bewildered, you might even be able to convert fear into fuel for creativity. People might come to you when they’re confused or uncertain, which makes you an invaluable ally at work and home.


Meaningful Work:

You sense how important it is to advance your best work for a better world and can prioritize how to focus on what matters without burning out or burning bridges. You likely approach work days and work challenges with more creativity than reactivity.



Perhaps you’ve worked with us before and know how invaluable the Do-It-Together mindset can be.  You appreciate how a diverse community can provide support and afford accountability to show up for what matters most. When you faced with conflict or differences with other people, you have the ability to let your biases dissolve and see them anew. People might connect with you because they feel your capacity for appreciation of if not admiration of others.


The World Around You:

You might take regular time to appreciate the smell of rain on a summer day, the peal of a child’s laughter, or the strange way a tree in your front yard bows in its own way.

You’re clearly someone who is reclaiming your birthright to wonder, and you’re possibly someone who could gift wonder and spread wonder to others.
Here are 3 Experiments for you this week to build your skill set even more to track wonder in your work and life:
#1 – Stand in Wonder
You don’t need permission to lead your life and work with more wonder. As a Wonder Artist, you already know that your life and work are connected to a calling greater than the sum of your to-do’s. So honor that fact, and for the next 7 mornings check-in and ask yourself, “What am I devoted to?” Write down your response. Throughout the day, when you feel off-centered or more in a downer state, remind yourself of that devotion, and stand in wonder.
#2 – Gift Wonder
As a Wonder Artist, you have a rare ability to help someone else experience more wonder, too. Over the next 7 days, choose someone to surprise with delight, ignite their curiosity, or show your admiration or appreciation for.
  • Mail someone a surprise gift that shows that you see who they are.
  • Call up the lucky person and just ask them to share some good news with you – and ask them lots of genuine questions.
  • Mail someone a card expressing specifically why you appreciate or even admire them.
#3 – Spread Wonder

Sharing bad news, complaints, and rants is unfortunately all-too-easy. Wonder-tracking David Byrne decided to shift the news by founding Reasons to Be Hopeful – a website full of news about people and organizations who are doing wonderful things in the world.

Share with someone one of your experiences of beauty or appreciation.

If you’re on a social media channel, share what you’re curious about, what possibility you’re dreaming of, or an experience of delight. You can use the hashtag #trackingwonder so we can find you.

Watch in your inbox for more ideas and next steps to up your wonder ratio even more in how you live, work, create, and relate – every day. 

Thanks for running with me,


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