Vision 2023: Shape an Actionable Plan for the Work that Matters

A Virtual Wonder Lab Workshop for Change-Makers & Leaders
with Author and Founder Jeffrey Davis

Saturday, December 10, 2022, Noon-5pm ET

Noon-5pm ET | 11am-4pm CT | 10am-3pm MT | 9am-2pm PT
5pm-10pm London | Sunday, December 11, 4am-9am Sydney

Registration Ends December 9 at 5pm ET

The Challenge of New Year’s Visions, Resolutions, & Goals

Given how the past 2.5 years turned out, let’s take a different tact to envisioning this year, shall we?

Maybe you’re poised to uplevel your business or leadership—but without stressing out. Maybe you’re poised this year to advance a complex endeavor or gain more visibility for your work—but wonder where you’ll get the time.

Here’s the deal: Whatever your aims, you likely know that conventional methods of abstract goal-setting and wishful thinking dream boards rarely help you fulfill your dreams.

Most smart, hard-working people have one or more of these challenges:

Lost in the Weeds – You get so mired in worrying about to-do’s, obligations, and the day’s news that you have little room left for a viable vision forward.

Escape Into the Future – When you’re unhappy with the present, you wish for an Ozland over the rainbow (minus the witch!).

Planning Fallacy – If you’re human, you grossly under-estimate how much time it takes to complete a project or reach a goal. (Oh, that!)

DIY Familiarity Bias – And you’re prone to think of the same ol’ ideas year after year.

Productivity Burnout – And striving at the manic rate you strove in pre-pandemic 2019 just won’t cut it for a sustainable vision and Story this year.

What if instead you could shape a visible, flexible, aesthetically pleasing big-picture map of your most essential priorities and vision that elevates you this year—not alone but in the company of other mindful change-makers?

This Wonder Lab Is Here For You.

Enter the Wonder Lab & the Vision Canvas Method™

In this daylong Wonder Lab Workshop, Jeffrey takes you and other mindful change-makers through a time-tested, evidence-based method so you come away with a flexible, sustainable, if not soulful vision and message for 2023.


pursue your four most important goals best suited for your genius traits,

finesse the challenges you will face,

bring forward your genius traits this year,

engage the people you’re best suited and driven to elevate,

unfold the point of view and message you know people are hungry for,

rise for the brand rally cry of deep purpose that will motivate you (and your team), and

identify the next five wise steps you need to take to reach your goals…

All within the brave and safe container of other participants mindfully holding space as you speak out loud parts of your vision. Do It Together Beats DIY!

This method includes 7 key elements of strategic visioning based on Jeffrey Davis’s vast research and experience in human psychology and neuroscience, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, community engagement, and strategic planning. Jeffrey has successfully used a variation of the Vision Canvas Method™ with thousands (no kidding) of CEOs, influential thought leaders, teachers, consultants, creatives, authors, entrepreneurs, and other mindful change-makers.

Now It’s Your Turn.

Who is This Guy & What is Tracking Wonder?

Jeffrey Davis equips leaders and change-makers to leverage their bold ideas with integrity, influence, and wonder. Jeffrey is CEO of Tracking Wonder – a consultancy, company, and community devoted to creating a world where people thrive at work and life outside of work.

Jeffrey’s most recent book TRACKING WONDER: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity (Sounds True 2021) is a Net Big Idea Club Nominee and distills 15+ years of applied research in the science of wonder, innovation, and mindfulness. He writes for, hosts the Tracking Wonder Podcast Show, and is the author of four other books. He lives in a farmhouse with his wife, two young daughters, and Ash the Wonder Dog in the Hudson Valley of New York.

How We Flow in the Wonder Lab


As soon as you register, you will receive a printable version of our signature Vision Canvas™ and instructions on how best to prepare yourself and your space. You can print the Vision Canvas™ on regular printer paper, take it to a printer to make it poster-sized, or simply fill out your answers on a blank sheet of paper. If you have them on hand, we recommend using Post-It Notes (you can purchase our favorites here).


Jeffrey guides you through an evidence-based introspective process while you record your responses in a file, in a notebook, or on your Vision Canvas™. You can use specifically sized Post-It Notes for added flexibility and distillation. Throughout the day, we use breakout rooms for mindful interaction and vision sharing. We close in celebration.

The Vision Canvas Method™ Advantage

Why Visible?

A digital strategic plan is easily forgotten. You can position your own Vision 2023 Canvas™ in your workspace to remind you every day of your priorities and motivation.

Why Flexible?

Some methods of business and personal brand envisioning suggest that your job is to make a plan and then fulfill it. Visions shift quarter to quarter. The Vision Canvas Method™ allows for “moving parts” and recalibrated priorities.

Why Aesthetically Pleasing?

We human beings make decisions based on emotions, and pleasing aesthetics evoke positive emotions. Positive emotions in turn have been correlated with more agile problem-solving and resilience. The Vision 2023 Canvas™ is designed in a way to make the process itself engaging and enjoyable.


Most strategy is discernment. We develop a simple system that helps you discern which Next Wise Steps you can take NOW, NEXT, NOT FOR A WHILE, and maybe NEVER.

We hold everything confidential in the Wonder Lab. Tracking Wonder convenes a unique community of business artists and mindful change-makers—people who aspire to advance a meaningful endeavor (business, brand, project) and attain meaningful goals that contribute to the greater good—while also ensuring their dreams feed their souls.

Don’t fall in love with a fantasy.
Stand in wonder with a vision.

Together we can do so much more for the greater good than alone. Make this year matter like no year before.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Noon-5pm ET | 11am-4pm CT | 10am-3pm MT | 9am-2pm PT
5pm-10pm London | Sunday, December 11, 4am-9am Sydney

$599+/person for organizations

$149 Change-Maker Early-Bird Special through December 2, 2022!

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Registration Ends December 9 at 5pm ET

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