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You can toil on a book, rehearse a talk, strategize a launch, stretch yourself to create a new product or offer or a whole new business, but you cannot control outcome.

You can craft to design experiences to take people where you promised, you can have meetings to plan, and you can gather and lead exceptional people on your team, but ultimately you have to get out of the way.

When you build something, you never ultimately know how it will be experienced.

Something happened a few years back that as I recall it still sends me reeling.  Read more

Buzzing stories versus your Brave Story

“It would be no exaggeration to call it a state of disorientation.” – Carl Jung


“What is your myth – the myth in which you live?”

That’s the question that rattled inside the renowned psychologist Carl Jung at age 37, months after breaking away from his mentor, Freud. He writes that when he examined the hero stories and myths he had amassed, he held them up like mirrors and wondered about his own life. He wasn’t, as far as he could see, the hero of his own story.

When that voice calls and says, “Look at how you’re living your life. How are you walking the talk?,” most of us reply with, “You’ve got the wrong number,” hang up, and turn up the volume on Downton Abby.

But when Jung got challenged on his own soul stuff, he didn’t hang up. He kept the line open.

Listening to that profound doubt prompted Jung to muster the courage to create the Story he knew he must write into and live out.

So let’s consider this: A consultant has an idea book to write. A father has a memoir to write. A journalist has her first young adult novel to write.

Behind every book is a Story. A Story burns inside a writer. And that Story is not the stories that buzz inside her head.

How does she listen to the true voice of doubt beyond the buzz, and how does she muster the courage to create because of that voice?

Those are questions I invite you to live with me.

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creative courage: resist the right things: an assay

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Brene Brown grew up with gritted teeth and a tart tongue.

Armored, that is. In her book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, the fellow multi-generation Texan comes clean about her lifelong resistance to being emotionally vulnerable. Brown’s situation as a Texan, a professor, a conversation leader, and an author illuminates some qualities about what it takes to have creative courage in the most ordinary and unheralded moments.

I’ve been observing the many ways that faces of fear impede the authors, business artists, and entrepreneurs I interview, meet, and work with.

In fact, while drafting this piece out in my yard, one of my neighbors – an artist from the city – stopped by and asked, “How does depression and fear fit into your tracking wonder schemata?” Good question. So, I want to essay here a few ideas through Brown’s example as well as through two other entwined books about ordinary creative courage. You may recognize yourself and your own situation – or that of someone you care about.

What is it you must resist to be brave? Read more

Be Brave – A Poem-Film for Authors & Business Artists

Dear Business Artist & Creative Quester, Writer & Thought Leader ~

You may have a Story burning inside you. It’s a Story about a new way of living. A Story about a girl who gets whisked into another world. A Story about a new way of leading or of investing in what matters. A Story about a young man who loses everything but his hope. A Story that only your business, your brand, your imagination, your life unfolds.

It’s a Story that needs to rise above the World of Buzz and a Story that someone out here needs to hear.

We know the names of the 5 Mutes ~

Fear of Offending & Rocking the Boat. 

Fear of Selfishness & Foolishness. 

Fear of Standing Up & Being Heard. 

Fear of No More Excuses & Taking Action. 

Fear of Shaping Time & Succeeding.  Read more