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Be Brave – A Poem-Film for Authors & Business Artists


Dear Business Artist & Creative Quester, Writer & Thought Leader ~

You may have a Story burning inside you. It’s a Story about a new way of living. A Story about a girl who gets whisked into another world. A Story about a new way of leading or of investing in what matters. A Story about a young man who loses everything but his hope. A Story that only your business, your brand, your imagination, your life unfolds.

It’s a Story that needs to rise above the World of Buzz and a Story that someone out here needs to hear.

We know the names of the 5 Mutes ~

Fear of Offending & Rocking the Boat. 

Fear of Selfishness & Foolishness. 

Fear of Standing Up & Being Heard. 

Fear of No More Excuses & Taking Action. 

Fear of Shaping Time & Succeeding. 

But being brave is not being without fear. And it’s not being loud and shouting down those voices.

It’s time we reclaimed what it means to be brave as writers and authors.

It’s time to reclaim what being brave looks and sounds like.

For you, Tracking Wonder’s videographer-collaborator Dom and I made this poem-film for you.

For anyone yearning to be heard.

For anyone whose voice feels caged in a cubicle or sliced on a chopping board.

For anyone whose Muse still battles the Mutes.

For anyone ready to shape a glorious creative mess or message into a Story.

For anyone supplicating for courage to make choices on behalf of what and who matters.

For anyone who has sacrificed for others for too long and now must stand up and take risks.

For anyone poised not only to write a book but to tell a brave new Story.

For all of us who need reminding that each choice on behalf of creating our Story is a brave choice… we made this poem-film for you.

If the film resonates, please forward, tweetlink this video note of encouragement to a friend, family member, or colleague who might need a boost.

Give each other courage.

#yourbravenewstory Grateful to run with you,


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