6-Word StoryQuest Writing Contest Winners

contestTake your novel, memoir, trade nonfiction book, your creative mess-in-the-works, your business brand identity, and distill it into 6 words.

It’s not easy. As more than one person has observed, coming up with ideas is easy. Keeping them simple is hard work.

But it’s necessary. Without the art of idea distillation, you get lost & frustrated and ultimately will confuse your audience.

That’s why we launched the 6-Word StoryQuest Contest – to help you keep it simple and elegant. In just 6 days, we had a flurry of entries.

I called upon Tracking Wonder’s apprentice Mary Cinadr to be our main judge. Mary has extensive background in helping businesses, NPOs, and individuals write better copy, shape their brand identities and manuscripts, and execute more effective marketing plans for their brilliant ideas. She proved the ideal judge to help select the winners from a stellar list of submissions.

Here are our winners and runners-up!

First place: Lara Edwards

Outside: Violent protests. Inside: Dinner parties.
We especially appreciated how Lara captured what seems to be a paradoxical tension between a socio-political state and a personal, domestic one.
Lara receives $100 of tuition for the StoryQuest Writing Course at the Sivananda Bahamas Yoga Retreat held this March 1-5.
Gratitude to the Sivananda Bahamas Yoga Retreat for their generosity!

Second place: Peggy Acott

The Alchemy of Story to Ceremony                        
We especially appreciated how Peggy captured the essence of a story that feels mysterious and transformational. We’re curious how “story” transmutes into ceremony!
Peggy receives a free 60-minute consultation with me to help her keep momentum on her writing quest. ($500 value)

Third place: Ginny Taylor


Abuse wounds. Silence hardens. Truth ignites.
We admired how in three two-word sentences Ginny suggests a transformational arc of triumph. Elegantly distilled!

Ginny receives a signed copy of The Journey from the Center to the Page: YogaPhilosophies & Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing to keep her anchored and grounded on her writing quest.

Runners up:
Delah Brucelli
Living her life: longing for mine.
Kevin Wood
Dying. Dead. Alive. Here to stay.

You can review some of the other entries on our Facebook wall – and feel free to play along even though the contest has ended. I’m endlessly curious about other people’s stories and Stories. As a refresher, here are the rules & guidelines as well as examples.


Do you want an easeful way into your Story or out of your creative mess? You have time to get on-board our first live learning expedition of the year – the StoryQuest Writing Course.

StoryQuest is an exceptional way to ease into shaping your Story’s form and structure. It’a slo an excellent primer if you’re considering joining my Captivating Book Mentorship Program this year.

Substantial content and interactive feedback sessions held on an open-air platform with the Bahamas breeze at your back. $450 tuition for 5 days.

What else do I need to say?

I’m jazzed by how many of us are showing up this year to create the stories we must tell.


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