A method to bypass overwhelm & make time – our launch!

I’m proud to launch Tracking Wonder’s first tangible product. Something you can put in your hands and mark on. I never thought the word “product” would feel so good. And look so good. And be so useful.

If you’re experiencing overwhelm, curse time, and struggle to “get things done,” give me a couple of minutes.

Because if you’re like author and science journalist Michael Belfiore or poet and yoga therapist Wandajune Bishop-Towles or activist-playwright-business birther Karen Brody, this product could change your life. No exaggeration.

It’s called the Mind Rooms Guide. It’s a handbook to help you bypass “overwhelm,” make time, and shape your weekly work flow with delight and meaning.

In short, it’s an easy-to-follow task management method that understands how most creative minds work. Most creative minds I’ve worked with and studied thrive on three things: meaning, beauty, and function.

Ever heard of a “task management” or “time management” method or tool or scheduler that emphasizes meaning, beauty, and function? I hadn’t.

And those three elements imbue how the Mind Rooms Guide works and how graphic artist Monica Gurevich has designed it.

I developed this method three years ago out of my own frustrated relationship to Time as a busy author, consultant, business owner, husband, and new papa who also has an inner poet who wanted to remember what meaningful, fluid days felt like while still being astonishingly productive.

Starting today and ending on Tuesday, October 30, you have two ways to start changing your relationship to Time and bring delight to your creative productivity and your productive creativity:

1.  Receive the Mind Rooms Guide – a beautifully designed guide that offers

* an elegant reframe to help you understand your relationship to Time and “time management” anew
* background on the science of what motivates creative people in flow state
* a 7-step easy-to-follow method for organizing your tasks with meaning, beauty, and function

Buy Now
 ONLY $19

I know what it’s like to flounder in Time with an errant mind. I know what it’s like to thrive in Time with a delighted mind. And I love helping people like us overcome the former and launch into the latter.See you in the woods,

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