Brand/Innovation Digest – January 2017


Research assistance from TW Team research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros.

Periodically Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros and I will curate some of what we deem the most relevant studies, stories, and news that will help you and your team excel at having the most impact and influence via branding, storytelling, and innovation.
– Jeffrey, Chief Tracker at Tracking Wonder


Connecting with People and Branding Comes Naturally

from The Times of India
In a media landscape of inauthentic messages, authentic branding will always rise above the noise, says Shubham Nagdeve. “Branding comes automatically when you connect with people,” Naresh Jakhotia reminds The Times of India. It’s through connection that a brand earns trust and defines its meaning. Small and large brands alike can benefit from genuinely connecting with clients to contribute value.

Why We Resist Creative Thought

from Psychology Today
Creative problem-solving may have a high-fail rate, but it does lead to great solutions – even if not especially within seemingly non-creative professions. Why do we resist creative thinking? Because our focus on choosing a best option or resolution clouds our ability to think critically and innovatively about how to solve problems. We are witnessing this very conundrum as Republicans struggle with creative options for replacing Obamacare, writes
Jennifer Mueller Ph.D. for Psychology Today.

Creativity: More Than Mental

from Forbes
The relationship between physical exercise and mental creativity informs the potential for business success, writes Melissa Thompson for Forbes. Memory, attention, and higher information processing speed all improve with physical exercise but being active in enriched environments is where it counts. Obstacle activities that require a wide range of movements actually stimulate these brain functions in a new way, enhancing creative capability. Jeffrey writes about 5 shakers and movers in the science of the creative body at his Psychology Today blog.

Artificial Intelligence Still Needs Critical Thinkers

from AdWeek
“Tech for the sake of tech” – it doesn’t do any good without practical application. Will Hall of AdWeek cites these three actions for tech designers: simplify, think in systems, and embrace the power of now. Technology that’s created with these directions in mind will be more accessible and ubiquitous.

Your Company Mission Is Your Internal Brand

from Business2Community
Danielle O’Brien with B2C built out these five to-do’s for defining your internal brand to  build a stronger external brand. Internal strategy, for one, includes weaving this brand within the day-to-day interactions of employees, enhancing company values. Rewarding employees who embody the company’s tenets, from c-level to peer-to-peer and everything in between, keeps them involved and invested in the health of the company’s internal brand. 

Dysfunctional Sleepers, You’re Not Alone

from The Jerusalem Post
Do you ever think wonder if your creative style affects your sleep patterns? Judy Siegel-Itzkovitch with
The Jerusalem Post published findings of a sleep study of 30 undergraduate students at Jezreel Valley College this week that revealed visual creativity and verbal creativity are operated by different brain functions, therefore resulting in various sleep patterns. Daytime dysfunctions were also monitored. It turns out that the visually creative (designers, artists) tend to have more daytime dysfunctions while the verbally creative tend to sleep longer.

Diving Deep into Brand Philosophy

from CMO Innovation
What’s your company’s team brand philosophy and how does it drive team actions and risk-taking? Indraneel Ganguli, Global Head of Marketing at Tech Mahindra, gave an extensive interview for CMO Innovation about his team’s brand philosophy of RISE and of DAVID. He also spoke to his company’s pursuit of the sweet spot between being process-oriented and being  intuitive and discuss what is required to take innovation risks like sponsoring the 2010 FIFA World Cup and investing in traditional media like The Wall Street Journal.

Your Personal Brand

from The Huffington Post
Think of Tony Robbins. His entire personal brand is built upon bringing others up and helping them see their own personal brand and potential. Affecting inspiration is just one part of the process of building a personal brand, Obinna Ezekie writes in The Huffington Post. Pinpointing uniqueness, educating others, modeling powerful brands, creating a career narrative and making the most of social media all play into the picture of a valuable personal brand. Most of the information is there already, but it’s up to you to make those elements an integral part of your brand.

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