Compassionate Grit for Creative Questers (snow video)


Business artists take small risks for great gains.

Sometimes that means looking a little foolish when underneath there might be a shred of wisdom. One hopes.

Sometimes that means appearing to act a little out of character when in fact you’re acting with your whole contradictory character.

Sometimes that means looking unpolished and unscripted to stop stalling on what needs to be shipped sooner than later.

Sometimes that means running down the road in the snow, cap-less and daft, to keep your mojo flowing because you have great work to do in the world. Still.

Quest2015 & Compassionate Grit

unnamedTo take such risks requires Compassionate Grit.

A band of us business artists and intentional creatives are taking Quest2015 with 12 Visionaries to imagine our best 12 months this coming year. Search the #Quest2015 hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ – and you’ll find some of the action (although much of it is happening on our private forum).

We want to see what kind of risks we need to take to make extraordinary gains for all of us in 2015.

My lovely friend and personal growth pioneer Jen Louden started us off with a prompt on Compassionate Grit.

Grit without compassion is just grind. What would be most fun to create this year? How can self-compassionate grit support you in that creating? 

So much packed in those three sentences.

The grind?


Compassionate grit?

Compassionate grit is like the soft painted sand Tibetans filter through their hands with timeless patience and persistence and presence as they create temporal sand paintings, mandalas for the moment.

Compassionate grit is the unattached resolve that drives a writer to build her book ten pages forward and three pages burned.

Compassionate grit is the artful way a business owner chances making something that has little immediate financial return yet potentially vast emotional return for her, her team, her audiences.

And fun? I really don’t think of myself as someone who chases “fun.” But that’s an old story. I shot this video as part of a new Story.

A Run in the Snow Not for the Bottom Line but for the Poetic Line

Even though we’ve built Tracking Wonder’s promise on excellence and mastery, my personal edge in the coming year is to let some things be a little rough and raw like this video. You might see more of that.  As long as it does not compromise your experience or the value you get from what I create and what Tracking Wonder delivers.

To you: What kinds of risks are you willing to take this coming year to create something fun for yourself, your business, your audiences? How can you cultivate compassionate grit to make it happen?

Be well, and thanks for running with me,


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  1. I love your ideas about poetry. David Whyte speaks in to this with businesses and organizations….I’d love to talk more about this with you. My high schooler is working with a poem in the Poetry Out Loud program and I love watching her chosen words take hold and effect her life. Likewise this potential with business leaders, thought leaders, and business artists. More on this when we are together. But I love your video and the style and the snow and maybe I will dare to quest with a bit of video. xoS