Content Creation: Get Out of the Blog Bog

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A lot of people these days are blog-averse. If you’ve blogged haphazardly for a while, you likely feel as if you’re getting zero return emotionally or financially on your efforts in content creation. Pretty quickly you can find yourself stuck in the blog bog.

So why bother to blog at all?

Truth is, the benefits are numerous when you approach blogging and any content creation with the right intentions and a few smart strategies. I’ve written and published a book on the subject. Its content is having direct results. I recent released a new edition. Once again, the content is having direct results.

Consider the story of an entrepreneur and speaker I work with. She blogged randomly for years without a clear focus, rhythm, or outreach, and her subscription list hovered at 99 or lower. Then she started testing actionable strategies every week.

Guess what? Years of random blogging = little traction or motivation.

A few months of intentional blogging with strategic approach = a 700% boost in subscriptions and her motivation to engage and deliver has gone through the roof.

Blogging and content development can be meaningful, artful, and wildly effective.

  • Curate what you have to say.
  • Write content you believe in and even want to stand up for.
  • Learn a few blogging hacks to boost your traffic and conversions.

There’s nothing disingenuous about learning how to attract readers who might actually love and benefit from what you write and who eventually or immediately might join your community or become a customer, is there?

Enjoy what you do. Feel that charge of making a body of work. Let your voice rise above the online Buzz. That’s what I want for you.

Maybe you’re already spinning with new ideas, ways to position yourself and strategies to create impact.

Here’s the thing. It’s hard to know if what you’re writing and creating is hitting the mark. It’s hard to create in a vacuum and know the time you’re investing is worth it. And it’s hard to come up with strategies to leverage that content effectively all by yourself.  Which is why I created the Writing Den.

If you’re ready to step out into the world with your ideas but need support, feedback and accountability, consider joining our community of fellow thought leaders and change-makers in the Writing Den.


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