Creating Time by Marney Makridakis Book Review

Do you not have enough time to execute all of the brilliant projects you’re dreaming up?

Then, create time.

That’s the artful response that artist and coach Marney Makridakis offers in her tip-laden, picture-rich book Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life.

Check out my time-sensitive video review (2.5 minutes!) and visit these related links: – Marney Makridakis’s online wonderland

New World Library – the publishing house that is fast becoming the resource for creativity guides and publications

Jen Louden – Ms. Savor who recommended the book to me

Tara Mohr – my pal whose “Make White Space” phrase I reference

Speaking of creating time, I just finished a 48-hour in-house writing retreat and now have more ideas than I have time to execute. Hmmm. Time to re-read Marney’s book!

By the way, if you are in the Greater New York area this weekend, I’m leading a 2-hour workshop in Woodstock, New York, that includes ideas for sculpting time and other cool tools for your creative quest.

How do you create time? What are your biggest challenges in doing so? I’d love to hear your input as I shape another webinar series that will include tools and tips on this and related topics.

See you in the woods,



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  1. I’ve followed Artella for years but haven’t yet had a chance to pick up Marney’s book. Your review convinced me that I must….I also think it is about claiming time. Saying yes, I do have the energy to write instead of watching TV tonight and claiming that time for my own.

    1. Charlotte~I like “claiming time.” It resonates with another mandate I’ve been sitting with: “Own your method.” Let me know what you get from the book.