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Fling the Beast: Yoga and Creativity Training

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To sit in the mystery of your best self’s offering is delicious and unnerving. You see the vision of who you are becoming and of what you can give. But when the mouth of possibility awes open, you also feel, well, terror creep its little hairy fingers right up the back of your neck.

One way to fling that hairy beast off your back altogether is to lift off. Take gut action toward what you know rings right for your best self. Trust. Let uncertainty exhilarate you toward the great blue yonder of your heart’s desire.

It’s not impulsive. It’s intuitive. It’s confident.

I’m asking you to listen. Not to me. But right now to that great still voice within. To that not-so-small something that says, Look at how you’re unfolding. Isn’t it magnificent? And then respond. Act.

If what you hear and see resonates with the Yoga as Muse TRIBE Training, then reach out. Today. There’s little time and few spots.

Still feel the hairy thing? Here are a few responses to some beasty questions:

1. “I want to take the training for myself.” That’s fine. There’s no other training like it to take you deep into your own embodied creative process that in turn shifts everything in your whole creative life. Here’s YAM TRIBE member Michelle Fajkus’s review at her small empire Yoga Freedom of what we call The Four Preparations for an Authentic Creative Journey. Who doesn’t want that for herself or himself?

But know I’ll nudge you along the way to think, feel, and imagine beyond yourself.

2. “I have no idea what my best self has to offer anyone.” Again, fine. Many current facilitators now launching their start-ups, , such as Dave and Cathy at The Best Me: Creative and Healthy, used the training as a discovery process. The questions I take you through and the YAM system itself become vehicles to help you uncover your best self’s offerings.

3. “I’m not a professional writer or artist or singer or tap dancer.” You don’t have to be professional; you just need to be practicing in some creative or other area that you are willing to apply Yoga as Muse toward. One YAM facilitator has training in personal journaling and physical therapy. She’s about to launch a fabulous start-up. Others of them assumed their own publishing venture via the Stories We Keep anthology and online project. Your own brand of coaching, teaching, or counseling might be the way.

The training is not about showing off. It’s about showing up. If you’re still wondering, call me.

4. “My yoga is rusty.” No worries. Some facilitators have taken YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) simultaneously with the YAM Tribe Facilitator Training. It’s intense but astoundingly complementary. This training approaches yoga’s teachings, philosophies, and tools in such a dynamic, yet practical way that advanced yoga teachers discover yoga in a new light. And this training is not about teaching yoga. It’s about being a facilitator, someone who makes creative process more easeful (though not easy) and empowering for one’s self and for others.

5. “My finances are tight.” I understand. We’ve priced the training at the absolute lowest I can reasonably offer it. Much of the fee goes to the lodging, catering, and expenses of the 9-day residential immersion at a fabulous spot in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. So, you’re getting a long “working retreat” (although I use the word “retreat” loosely). And the support you receive following the training is invaluable. When YAM TRIBE Member Tanya Robie writes to tell me that her revenue streams have tripled and that she now is making a living that supports her writing life, I know the training has more than paid for itself for her.

There is a payment plan option. Just ask. But if the fee ties knots in your stomach, don’t do it.

6. “I need to be sure you’re the right trainer for me.” I agree. You do. Here’s an unsolicited comment from one of this year’s trainees who had similar reservations, a comment that makes me blush:

“I just got back from five days in Taos with Jeffrey, both experiencing Yoga as Muse and meeting Jeffrey for the first time. I signed up for the Taos retreat as well as the Facilitator training without so much as exchanging more than a couple of lines in an email beforehand. I did so based on the voice in my heart. That voice was informed by a year of reading Jeffrey’s posts and his book, and only scratching the surface of what this method has to offer. The voice went from a curious whisper to a passionate wail after having met Jeffrey and experienced the magic of mixing yoga and creative intention.

And if there is anything stirring within you as you read Jeffrey’s words, heed it. Listen to it, run with it, receive it. Fly into it. You will *not* be disappointed–you *will* be in good hands and inspired to find more you.

Please join me, be part of my tribe…I promise you won’t regret it!”

Antoinette Armocida

If you’re ready to fling the beast and fly with your best self, then register below and send in your application by April 2. You’ll hear from us by April 7 with a confirmation of whether or not you’ve been accepted for the training.

A $400 deposit secures your space, pending application approval.

Become the Facilitator of Your Dreams

Heart of Yoga As Muse Long-Distance Course

May 14-Jun 24, 2012

Residential Immersion in New York’s Hudson Valley

July 16-24, 2012

Independent Project

July 30-Sept 7, 2012

Register and apply today to get your special discounts and bonuses.

And glimpse the remarkable TRIBE waiting to support you.

$1995 for 105 hours of exceptional training, impeccable attention, and over 180 pages of substantial supplementary material and handbook – plus ongoing post-training support & mentoring for certified facilitators

$555 for 8 nights of shared lodging in the beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary in the Hudson Valley plus lots of training “goodies”!

$345 for 22 delicious meals catered to your sensitivities and tastes.

Total: $2895 or 3 payments of $965

(Subtract $530 for Residency Commuters.)

Just send in your $400 deposit and application to secure your spot. You’ll be informed by April 7 of your application’s status and of payment methods.

CANCELLATION and REFUND POLICY: All deposits and balances will be returned for any applicant who is not approved for the program. No deposits or balances for accepted applicants can be refunded after May 1.

Easy Sign Up
Follow the easy steps below, or call us at 845-679-9441, and we can walk you through the simple online registration process (Sorry, we cannot take credit card information over the phone).
Download the Application Form on the website.

To pay by check and regular mail: Please fill out, print, sign, and mail the application along with a check for the $400 deposit or full payment made payable to Center to Page, LLC at 156 Upper Whitfield Rd, Accord, NY 12404.

To pay online with check or credit card: Please fill out, print, sign, and mail the registration form, and use the secured online PayPal system. No Paypal account required.

NOTE: Please be sure to add a non-refundable processing fee of 3% to your PayPal payment (e.g., $12 for a $400 deposit).

“Yoga as Muse Facilitator Training was the best training I’ve ever taken. It is comprehensive and included plenty of hands-on component (i.e., actual workshop development and facilitation) as well as a very practical entrepreneurial component. I feel supported and ready to give workshops, which is no small transformation for me. Jeffrey is a highly skilled and innovative teacher, and has created a unique offering that I’m excited to be part of.”
Cat Holm, author of My Heart is a Mountain (Holy Cow Press, 2010) and 500-hour YTT

Your Muse and I Are Waiting. And the World.
Nothing gets me revved up more than being with people like you ready to step into their best creative selves. And then give back some of that goodness to others.
In the YOGA AS MUSE TRIBE, we say, “Don’t wait for the muse to show up. Show up for it.”

See you in the woods,

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  1. 🙂 I can totally hear Antoinette’s voice in that comment. She was wonderful to meet in Taos. (You too, of course!)