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How Branding Wiz Marty Neumeier’s Metaskills Succeeds

MARTYHow do successful books work?

We think they succeed because of some insider mystery, talent, or connection.

There is insider knowledge. But the insider knowledge that matters is what can make you a more informed reader and  a more captivating author with a brave new story.

For a while, I’ve wanted to create book review videos that would be fun to watch, crisp and pointed (no rambling allowed), and valuable by giving you that kind of insider knowledge.

A video that gives you reading tips plus writing tips. In a few minutes.

Our Tracking Wonder videographer Dominick John and I are creating a series of videos that aspire to do just that.

They’re called Insider Book Reviews.

Our first Insider Book Review below features an author and thought leader in design thinking and branding whom I admire: Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency

Marty Neumeier writes branding books whose design matches their function, and his latest title – Metaskills: Five Talents for a Robotic Age by New Riders – blends a cultural visionary’s mandate with a design thinker’s practicality. You can learn more here about the books that matter to and have shaped Neumeier’s mind as well as about his work at Liquid Agency.

In this debut Insider Book Review, you will

  • Learn what the five metaskills are.
  • Learn three insider tips of what Neumeier’s book does exceptionally well.

Be brave.

Continue writing your own book.


Remember: Being brave isn’t about being big and loud. It’s about being real and devoted to the stories you must tell. May this insider knowledge further embolden you to be the brave author you are who pursues excellence for the greater good.

What’s characteristic of the best thought leader books you’re reading these days? What “insider” knowledge are you seeking as an author or thought leader? What’s emboldening you? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. I came to this page from your email on success seeking as Prestige or Principle which I appreciated and saw on another level as choosing between defining success through an extroverted or introverted viewpoint. Great video and choice of book, Jeffery! Metaskills is now on my reading list as I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Meta vs. Micro. Very inspiring and needed! Thank you.