How Do You Get Perspective on Your Creative Enterprise?


Overwhelmed. A sense of no progress. In transition with unclear priorities. Change-of-season. A new quarter. These are indicators that it’s time for creatives and creative professionals to get perspective.

I do two things to get perspective: Go to my Perspective Spot and make a map. 

Why? Maps give us perspective on where we are (YOU ARE HERE –>) and where we aspire to go (BIG HORIZON!). A good map also will show you potential obstacles and alternative routes to get there.

And best of all, a good map is aesthetically pleasing, simple, and useful.

At least making a map and checking it upon occasion let’s me and my clients, too, explore and take risks more confidently.

This video shows you my Perspective Spot and gives you a quick-action glimpse of the map I’m making. Pardon the DIY glitches. I don’t bring my camera crew with me to my Perspective Spot.

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I’m a map fiend, too. So, feel free to share your methods for making maps, getting perspective, and otherwise enacting a vision that matters from month-to-month.

See you in the woods,

P.S. Drop in at my Tracking Wonder Psychology Today blog if you want the latest insight on how tracking wonder expands time and how shaping time incites wonder. -jbd

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