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How do you shape a meaningful, sustainable life of creating?

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.54.31 PMHow do you shape a meaningful life of creating
while also making a right livelihood
and making a difference?

That question has burned inside me for years, and I’m finally ready to share with you work that has come from my living this question with myself and countless other individuals and teams for 30 years. OR what about these questions?

What if 2014 were the year you at last shaped your life and flourished amidst challenge so you could make your meaningful art happen – no matter what?

What if 2014 were the year you apprenticed yourself to shape a captivating book that matters and sells?

What if 2014 were the year you stepped up to shape your signature presence, unfold your signature brand Story, and build up the people you care about?

What if 2014 were the year that you made a difference with integrity?

Sometimes, it’s not about finding the simplistic answers. Sometimes, it’s about living the questions.

Live the quest(ion).

Join me? 

If these questions resonate with you, please check out what I and the Tracking Wonder Team are up to in 2014.

The big free online event:

Live the Quest

16 Talents & Skills to
Shape a Meaningful Life of Creating,
Make Art That Matters Happen,
Make a Right Livelihood, and Make a Difference

Wednesday, January 8
7-9 pm EST

Take your spot now – before you forget.

This actionable content goes way beyond setting new year’s resolutions and goals.

As part of the Tracking Wonder Pack, I invite you to spread the word about the free 2-hour event by sharing this link – https://trackingwonder.com/LiveTheQuest.html.

It will be substantial and my way of giving back to creatives and business artists like you who truly want to make a difference in this noisy world.

Together, we can reverse the noise inside and out.


Thanks for running with me,

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