Welcome to the international Tracking Wonder Community.

I’m honored you’ve joined us. Creative work demands solitude, but you can thrive when running with a pack of fellow creatives, executives, and creative professionals devoted to being their best and advancing their impact.

By being in the Tracking Wonder Pack, you gain soulful, evidence-based tips to

  • advance the work that matters
  • name and claim your’s, your brand’s, or your business’s Story
  • shape your signature book, talks, workshops, or programs
  • lead your team or growing community to make a difference

– all with surprise, delight, and wonder along the way.

It turns out that tracking wonder is an art & science that helps you flourish as a business artist of life, work, and creating. I’m committed every single day to finding ways to help us master how we make – things, a living, meaning, a difference.

Below are some gifts to start you tracking:

My Project Brief

This worksheet will help you drill down and get clear on a project you’d like to prioritize, then map the different steps and tasks required to work on this project for the next 6 months.

5 Ways to Rally Curiosity, Delight, and
Deep Connection Into Your Creative Profession and Life

This handbook provides you with 5 simple ways to track wonder and invite curiosity, delight, and deep connection in your daily work and life.

| More About Jeffrey

I am a thought leader in the field of creativity and productivity, author of a pioneering book on writing and creative process, and a veteran strategist who relishes helping other creatives advance books, brands, and businesses that enrich a part of the world.

I engage smart-working writers and thought leaders, volleying ideas and pages back and forth until the essence of what they have to say and the story they have to tell emerges from the rough ruins.

Making a project, a life, a difference.

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