How to Stop Fighting Time

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We business artists are blessed and cursed with a generative mind – the ability to come up with lots of ideas.

You may be feeling the effect of shifting cultural causes calling you to act. How do you find the time in an already profoundly packed schedule for your deep creative work?

Sunni Brown, named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, nailed the problem this way: “Discerning which opportunities to pursue has been a bogeyman in my creative work for years. I just couldn’t settle on the criteria for choosing.”

I get it. Several years ago, a one-year-old girl in tow, business growing, and creative projects brewing, I faced this hard fact one morning: I could not do everything I wanted to do. Now. This year. And this, too: Some ideas and projects simply needed to slide down the drain with my shaving cream. Was I forsaking my freedom by not doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted? Maybe there could be freedom in shaving off the want-to-do’s and maybe there could be freedom in discerning what to advance and when.

Maybe there could be freedom in shaping a new mindset. This, not that. This pre-sleep habit, not that. This form of exercise, not that. This food, not that. This project, not that. This, not that – that is the art of discernment. For those of you who lean a little Buddha, the wise guy said that next to intention, discernment is most important to any practice. And for your business artistry, it’s crucial.

No system I tried really got how my mind works or kept me motivated to “keep up” with my projects, tasks, and unexpected emergencies every day.

I was fighting time.

I needed a system that could motivate me to stay with it and that was flexible enough to handle the moving parts of my life, creative work, and growing business.

So I developed my own.

It’s a new kind of tool that will help you shape time in a way that lets you bypass overwhelm and get to the creative work and social work that matters most.

That tool is called the Mind Rooms Method.

After many requests from clients and friends I decided to share my best practices for productivity and creative flow. I created a free course designed to help professionals experiment with better habits at certain times of the day to be more productive and creative.

Even when you develop a new habit or two, you still might feel you lack the time to create what matters or act on the causes that call you.

Maybe you’re ready to stop fighting time and to start shaping time.

If that’s the case, check out the Mind Rooms Guide.

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