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the old story of being stuck


It’s a story we can live in for so long we don’t even realize we’ve created and perpetuated it.

The story of beings stalled, lost, and confused.

The story of being stuck is often tied to something that matters deeply. A one-person performance you’ve ached to create. A surreal play land that exists only in your sketch pads. A glass castle. An enterprise that expresses your true nature.

A book.

That’s the story of being stuck I most often hear: Being stuck in creating your book that matters.

You don’t know how to move from the vision of the book to the page. Or you draft your way into the middle of a thick mess and can’t find your way out.

And the path to publishing seems both long and utterly daunting given the disruptive climate these days. You wonder if the world will ever see and behold your gem.

You build up the stakes so high, you feel crushed under the weight of your dreams.

The thing is, we don’t get stuck at the beginning of writing a book. We don’t get stuck in the middle of writing a book. We don’t get stuck in publishing a book.

We get stuck in the story of being stuck itself.

How does that story go? Something like this:

“I’ve gotten myself into this mess. I’ll figure it out myself.”

Yet, weeks, months, even years can flash by with very little movement.

I’ve experienced my share of dark moments in the conceiving, pitching, rewriting, and publishing phases of my own books and creative projects. Yet, I’ve also come to recognize the many now-familiar pitfalls of creative process, craft, energy management, and professional positioning that writers of all levels and genres fall into on their path to publish.

It’s become my passion if not my genius to see, hear, and feel both the best in you and in your book, and to guide you on the path to creative action.


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