The Problem-Solving Paradox of Creativity

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If you avoid problems, you’re not working in a creative mindset. If you seek solutions, you’re not working in a creative mindset. This problem-solution paradox is another contradiction I’ve discovered in the science of creativity.

You can read more about it in the article I posted today for Psychology Today.

 I’ll address this problem-solving, problem-solution paradox at a talk this week. This Wednesday I’ll deliver an interactive talk on The Creative Mindset at Work at the Annual Giving Forum Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. People in the non-profit business of training NPO grant makers to NPO’s around the nation will be attending.

I’m thrilled to talk and work with this group because this is where I thrive: helping people and teams work more optimally with greater pleasure & gratification via a creative mindset.

Speaking of which, I’d love to hear what “problems” you face with your own problem-tracking – and your own under-focus and hyper-focus on problem-solving.

(Note to self: Is there such a thing as problem-dissolving?)

See you in the woods,

In Memoriam: To the man who gave me my first notebook at 6, my first typewriter at 10, & my first audio recorder at 11 and who encouraged me early on as a creative problem-solver, Jimmy “JD” Davis, July 22, 1938-July 19, 2012



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  • Alison Gresik

    Jeffrey, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your dad. It’s beautiful to hear how he set you on the path of creativity.

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