Canoe Talk 7: The Wonder of Your Point of View

The Wonder of Your Point of View

Canoe Talks is a video series of unconventional wisdom in an unconventional setting designed for mindful change-makers – entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, business owners, and professionals.

Hey, Jeffrey, with tracking wonder, and a new canoe talk.

You know, last year I worked with a client who was really doubting her business’s ability to affect change. She said to me, basically something like the world is on fire, I feel like I can’t do anything to make a difference. And the digital world is just a bunch of noise.

So I get that, you know, maybe you’ve questioned your own voice and ability to have an impact. But here’s the thing, whether you’re a leader or a professional, whether you’re a startup founder or business owner or just a creative idea, person, you have the power to ignite change in this new world of work, if you stand in the authority, of your unique point of view. So let’s expand our perspective.

In a world filled with noise, you might wonder how you can contribute value instead of more static?

Well, your point of view is not just your latest opinion on the latest headline, your point of view is your business’s perspective or your your way of thinking about the world through the lens of your business. So over time, your point of view becomes a stance, even a narrative based on your business’s long-standing, values and actions, what you stand for what you stand against. And as you research and refine your point of view, your point of view can become the core message that captivates and elevates other people that really makes a difference.

Now, having a point of view also doesn’t mean you have all the answers. But it does mean you bring your unique experiences, insights, and values to the table, it means you contribute to a collective conversation within your field, possibly challenged the status quo within your field. So if you’re in the wellness industry, what’s your point of view on wellness? If you’re a divorce lawyer? What’s your point of view on divorce law? If you’re a startup is related to fitness in flourishing, what’s your distinct point of view on fitness?

Now still, you might be wondering, well, how do you overcome a very normal fear of judgment and rejection? Well, it starts with openness.

Openness is the psychological quality that allows you to embrace new ideas, listen to other’s perspectives, and evolve your perspective in public. When you approach your field with an open mind and heart you inspire others, in turn, to question, to explore, challenge their own assumptions.

So, stand in your authority, face the fear of judgment, and shape and share your business’s unique point of view because together, we can create a world where diverse, thoughtful perspectives thrive and where meaningful change becomes a reality. And that my friends is a wonder.

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