Three Highlights, 17 November 2010

1. Read graphic artist Marian Bantjes’ exquisite book I WONDER while sitting in a waiting room to have my spine x-rayed. (Stay tuned for more about Bantjes and what we can learn from her creative, authentic living & success.)
2. Danced with my daughter to Vince Guaraldi’s jazz piano piece “Linus and Lucy.”
3. Completed reading a client’s new novel manuscript.

And yours?

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for leading us to Marian Bantjes’ beautiful book. She’ll be speaking in Vancouver next week at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design – about 100 yards from the hotel I’m in this week. Too bad I will miss it! Dawn

    Three Things

    1. Eating wonderful Ahi Tuna in a restaurant by the water. 2. Delicious Tunisian peanut spiced soup for lunch. 3. Discovering, thanks to Jeffrey, Marian Bantjes’ book.