#WhyIQuest: a meaningful life & clarified thinking.


Every December, Tracking Wonder gathers a dynamic group of individuals for a free online program we call Quest: 12 days of collective envisioning with 12 inspiring influencers, providing instigations and insights for those on a quest to do business as unusual in the new year. Together, we seek meaning, integrity, and impact in life and career while remembering that Do It Together beats Do It Yourself.

The Quest community includes hundreds of bold Business Artists: writers, teachers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and more. Each one has a different reason for Questing – a different fire that drives them to pursue a new way of doing life and business. As we prepare for Quest 2017, which begins on December 1, we asked a few of our veteran participants to tell us #WhyIQuest and what Quest has meant to them.

Photo compliments of Sheri Hoeger

Today, we’re introducing you to Sheri Hoeger, the artist and teacher behind Art to Live By. We so admire Sheri’s fine art and fierce creativity, but her dedicated resolve, perhaps even more so. Below, Sheri shares her tales of confidence stoked and close bonds built with other Questers. To join her and the rest of the Quest community in December, you can sign up at bit.ly/quest2017; then, use the #WhyIQuest hashtag on the social media platform of your choice to announce your participation and your key reason(s) for Questing (and to meet your fellow Questers in the process).




Why did you join Quest?

Sheri: When I joined Quest I was working through all the varied emotions of having lost three siblings in a very short time. That combined with my husband’s open heart surgery had left me depleted but also reflective about how best to live my life meaningfully. I had started blogging after a long hiatus and found that writing helped me to clarify my thinking. I had seen and heard about Jeffrey Davis at Camp GLP so when his invitation arrived about joining Quest, my interest was piqued.

Photo compliments of Sheri Hoeger

What role did community play in your Quest experience? How did you benefit from (and/or contribute to) the power of DIT over DIY?

I was surprised and amazed at how quickly there was a bond between those of us who participated. I immediately felt safe. The quality

of writing was striking and beautiful and often very candid and sometimes raw and sad that you couldn’t help but feel close to one another as we struggled to put words to our feelings.

Tell us about an “ah-ha!” moment during Quest when you made a break-through that helped clarify your mission or direction.

My continuing art project was very well received by the group and that validation has helped me to continue it with resolve and confidence.

What was the biggest surprise of last year’s Quest? What about the biggest challenge—and how did you overcome it?

I was very encouraged when people responded positively to my writing with genuine feedback and enjoyment even though I am far from professional. The biggest challenge was taking the time to respond promptly and thoughtfully. I made a rule for myself that I had to write my response to a prompt before looking at anyone else’s. That assured that I would push through it even if I stumbled and that my response would not be unduly influenced by others. I couldn’t wait to read each of the responses posted. It did take a lot of time, but was well spent.

How has Quest continued to play a role in your life or business throughout 2016? 

I have continued many of the friendships made on Quest through the group and separately on Facebook, by phone and email. I was very honored to be interviewed by one of the members, Sara Eisenberg, for her blog. I have very much enjoyed weekly updates on the page and keeping apprised of many members’ progress in their lives and businesses. It was especially nice to meet some members in person at Camp GLP 2016.



Join Tracking Wonder this December for 12 days of collective envisioning with 12 inspiring influencers and a crew of fellow Business Artists: those on a quest to do business as unusual in 2017. Together, we’ll seek meaning, integrity, and impact in life and career while remembering that Do It Together beats Do It Yourself.

Join the Quest then, join us on social media and share your reason #WhyIQuest.




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