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When to Take a Break From Blogging

If something meaningful is driving you to write a blog – something more than racking up big numbers – then maybe, and I do mean the tentative “maybe,” it would be wise to break from blogging and the audience you’ve been building. Now I’m not suggesting you get lax. I’m adamant about self-discipline, creative persistence, and […]

Basecamp Templates: A Delightful Time-Saver

Guest Post by Erin Haworth, Tracking Wonder’s Systems Shark The Remote Team’s Time Challenges I’m fortunate to be Tracking Wonder’s operations manager and overseer of a dynamo team of remote contractors. It’s common for three or four team members to be working on one client’s brand story, strategy, website and online assets at any given […]

The New Story of Publishing

2016 might be the year you create a book that matters. I hope so. We need books that change our minds and change our lives. We need stories that expand our imaginations and expand our hearts. My team and I are devoted to helping you become a captivating author – or an even more captivating […]