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Basecamp Templates: A Delightful Time-Saver

Guest Post by Erin Haworth, Tracking Wonder’s Systems Shark The Remote Team’s Time Challenges I’m fortunate to be Tracking Wonder’s operations manager and overseer of a dynamo team of remote contractors. It’s common for three or four team members to be working on one client’s brand story, strategy, website and online assets at any given […]

The New Story of Publishing

2016 might be the year you create a book that matters. I hope so. We need books that change our minds and change our lives. We need stories that expand our imaginations and expand our hearts. My team and I are devoted to helping you become a captivating author – or an even more captivating […]

How to take a Smooth Break from Blogging

Motivation by fear is an age-old tactic. Its adages begin with “Don’t” and twist with “or.” “Don’t steal from your neighbor, or you’ll get your hands cut off.” “Don’t turn in your paper late, or you’ll fail.” “Don’t leave work early, or your boss will think you’re a slacker.” To which we can add the common commandment in blogger morality zone: “Don’t take breaks in […]