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Love Shows Up In Your Best Work: the Tracking WonderPod Club


How do we balance the quest for our best work with the desire to nurture our long-term, loving relationships?

With Season Two’s launch only a short way ahead of us- coming October 9 – we want to invite you to sit with some of the questions raised by Episode 10 of the first season of the Tracking Wonder Podcast.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, we know the feeling of pouring our whole heart into our work. Of devoting all our attention to the project at hand in pursuit of something greater than ourselves.

How do we make room for the people we love—and love us back?

The episode was a conversation with Susan Piver, renowned Shambhala Buddhist teacher, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of the world’s largest virtual mindfulness community, the Open Heart Project.

We also want to invite you to join our free no-hitch Wonderpod Club to talk about this episode with a member of the Tracking Wonder Team.

A Little Background

​​​​The WonderPod Club comes from our Tracking Wonder Podcast listeners’ desire to have more conversation around the themes that emerged from some of our episodes from Season One.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tracking Wonder Podcast premiered earlier this year with a 12-episode season around the creative entrepreneur’s quest for meaningful work.

​​​​​​​As a way to connect and engage on two themes from that season, we will be hosting the WonderPod Club these last two weeks in September.

​​​​​​​The WonderPod Club is similar to a book club, but with two of our season #1 podcast episodes as the points of conversation.

Ready for the second episode and Club gathering?

The Challenges of Long Term Love & Creative Work

Susan shares the significance of bringing a constant curiosity to our loving relationships, explaining how the practice of love demands an attention not on the extraordinary, but on the familiar and ordinary.

She offers insight around the four noble truths of love, the challenges of standing in love versus falling in love, and the idea of meeting instability together.

Together, Susan and Jeffrey challenge the preconception that long-term love has to be in battle with one or both partners’ devotion to creative work, and explore how mindfulness is the practice of love.


We’re inviting you to join the conversation as a community.

That’s why we’re testing the Wonderpod Club for two weeks in September. The Wonderpod Club is a chance to discuss some of the questions that Jeffrey and his guests have raised in the podcast, and explore how this has an impact or resonance with us at this stage in our lives.

To join in take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Join the Tracking Wonder Quest Community (if you’re not already a member)
  2. Refresh your knowledge of the episode by listening here.
  3. Bring some of your own questions OR consider your answers to the prep questions below.

Questions We Will Consider

  • How do you balance your quest for your best work with the desire to nurture your long-term, loving relationships?
  • What qualities from your creative practice do you see mirrored in your long-term loving relationships, and vice versa?

A Writing Prompt that Lights Up Your Creativity

  • What does it feel like to live in love? You are in love – with a creative practice, a person, your business venture. What does it feel like? How does it sit in place in your life? Write in as much detail on the sensations and feelings as your thoughts take you, and let it open you up to the wonder and purpose that this love gives your life.

Be sure to listen to Episode 6 to discover the scientific study behind this writing prompt.

Engage “Live” with our extraordinary Story Manager, CJ

We’ll put a thread in our Tracking Wonder Quest Facebook Forum where you can place your responses to these prompts as a comment. Read other people’s. Engage. See what surprising insights may surface.  

Our wonderful Social Media Manager, Emily, will moderate the conversation this week.

Emily comes from a Fine Art & Design background. Passionate about abstract painting, she brings her artistic sensibilities, naturally creative bent and strong entrpreneurial spirit to the challenge of using ever-changing tools in the online SM toolbox to create innovative communication via online engagement.
When she’s not curating posts for TW, she’s frequently outdoors, painting, journaling, reading, hangin’ out with chickens, and being elevated by her 10 year old daughter, Liliana.
If you want to join in LIVE on our Wonderpod Club, then Emily will be in the Quest Community on September 27th, 2018.


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To do this, all you have to do is:

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If you’ve already offered a review, thank you so much for spreading the wonder! Our TW Podcast Team really appreciates you.

We have more surprising ways for you to participate coming soon.


Quest is going to return in December, so even if you don’t want to join in on the WonderPod Club, don’t forget to join the FREE community, in readiness for Quest 2019.

Wonder is more expansive together.


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