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Elevate & Highlight: Best in Brand Trends & Marketing Messages for September 2018


Have you heard of “fast fashion?” Research that has been conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has indicated that global clothing production has doubled in the last 15 years, predominantly as a result of what is known as  “fast fashion”. Fast Fashion is on-trend, cheap-to-produce clothing mimicking  luxury and high-end products – and is delivered to customers at a much faster rate. The fast, in fact, indicates that turnaround time is two to four weeks from design to arrival in stores, which is contra the four to nine months that mass retailers typically require. The model has proven so successful that income from “fast fashion” has just hit a new high of £70bn yearly.

Yet there is a dark side to this consumer trend, as this dramatic increase in clothing has seen an even steeper rise in waste. Studies have indicated that popular synthetic materials, such as polyester, are dramatically contributing to the issue of ocean plastic pollution.

But there is an alternative to this fast-paced fashion binge. This month, we’re looking at how fashion and style can be elevated without being manipulative.  With a focus on quality products that are ethically and socially sourced, it’s possible to enjoy long-lasting style which causes much less damage to the earth and can keep you intentional, focused, and healthy.

Never mind fast fashion. We’re looking at slow fashion.


Positive Luxury

Who Are They:  Co-founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto is a globally recognized figure in the sustainability field. She was trained by Al Gore at the Alliance of Climate Change in 2007, and in 2011 she  was honored by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. Diana sits on the Sustainable Development Goals Advisory Council, and is an advisor to the British Fashion Council and the European Council of Conservation International.

What Do They Do: Positive Luxury is a collection of luxury brands that has excelled in the field of sustainability – from a great track record in employee rights to a focus on decreasing waste. Brands are awarded  the Butterfly Mark, Positive Luxury’s stamp of #brandstotrust. The Butterfly Mark is an interactive trust mark that identifies the brands in the Positive Luxury community of #brandstotrust. It offers brand transparency at the point-of-sale in a consumer-friendly way.

To earn this coveted trust mark, brands must pass a stringent annual assessment that examines sustainability from a holistic point of view; encompassing governance, social and environmental frameworks, philanthropy and innovation.

Major Milestone:  As of 2018, there are 170 brands featured on the website – from Alexander McQueen to smaller, independent retailers.

What’s their story? Positive Luxury’s mission is to inspire people to buy better and influence brands to do better.

Super-power: The Feel Good Factor

When it comes to our spending habits, 73% of millennials are willing to spend more on products that are sustainable. While concern for the environment and the state of the world is at the forefront of the Positive Luxury business model, they also have taken into account the fact that this is something members of the public are clamoring for.

They have taken away the judgment of buying things, or of owning beautiful items of clothing or fashion, and instead have offered a viable alternative – lasting quality.

Hidden Charm: The Large Blue Butterfly

While fashion is undeniably the meeting of art and commerce, Positive Luxury’s brand mark – the butterfly – owes a nod to science.

In 1979, the Large British Blue Butterfly was declared extinct in Britain. Thanks to the work of multiple organisations and individuals, the butterfly was reintroduced back into the nature, and today it is known as the most successful insect reintroduction in the world.

This story was told to co-founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto by Sir David Attenborough in 2010, which inspired her to consider how if we all put our minds together, we can reverse the negative impact we are having on our planet’s resources.

“The restoration of the Large Blue Butterfly to Britain is a remarkable success story, illustrating the power of ecological research to reverse damaging environmental changes.” – Sir David Attenborough

The Butterfly Mark represents the companies that are working towards creating a positive impact in society, while minimising their environmental footprint.

The Positive Luxury Recipe for Success

  • Authenticity and established background
  • Transparency and knowledge of community
  • Sustainability married to luxury
  • Feel-good-factor
  • A little bit of butterfly magic….


Closer to home, it’s an honor for us to see how our Tracking Wonder clients and friends develop and grow.

This month we want to Elevate & Highlight Beacons of Change.

Who Are They: They are a community with one main focus: to empower women to build a greater connection with their spirituality and purpose in their relationships and with themselves so they can live at full power, feeling free, light, and fulfilled.

What Do They Do: Recognizing the lack of support and awareness for women, Beacons of Change encourages women to live at full power.

Why Do We Love Them: Founder, Michal Spiegelman embodies the essence of Beacons of Change. She is an active member of our free international Facebook Quest community of change-makers and professionals. She has collaborated with other members, and we love the way she upholds Tracking Wonder’s  community-building spirit of #DoItTogether rather than Do It Yourself.


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Are you looking for inspiration for your next project, or interested to see where things are heading? Here are three of the most popular trends in web design for September.

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