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Content Creation: Get Out of the Blog Bog

A lot of people these days are blog-averse. If you’ve blogged haphazardly for a while, you likely feel as if you’re getting zero return emotionally or financially on your efforts in content creation. Pretty quickly you can find yourself stuck in the blog bog. So why bother to blog at all? Truth is, the benefits […]

6 Books on Thought Leadership You Should Read

To lead means you expose yourself on the front lines. No hiding. To launch a trade nonfiction book is one of the most powerful ways to lead. And one of the most nerve-wracking. And one of the most rewarding for you and your audience.

These are 5 books I think give Tracking Wonder’s audience the most value to do what we help you do – master your work flow & creative cycle and own your place in the world as a thought leader, conversation leader, and business artist.

Impostor’s Syndrome & Other Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

Even being at the height of your career is no guarantee you’ll feel comfortable in your own professional skin. Afflictions like impostor’s syndrome and other limiting beliefs could be holding you back from experiencing deeper fulfillment and creating greater impact. I’m well acquainted with all of these afflictions because I’ve had my version of each of them at different […]

When to Take a Break From Blogging

If something meaningful is driving you to write a blog – something more than racking up big numbers – then maybe, and I do mean the tentative “maybe,” it would be wise to break from blogging and the audience you’ve been building. Now I’m not suggesting you get lax. I’m adamant about self-discipline, creative persistence, and […]

Brand Story – Exposing Yourself Publicly

On most days I’m immersed in other people’s personal lives, histories, and stories as a way to tell their brand story. But when the tables turned and I was in the spotlight, well… gulp. A few months ago in NYC I found myself giving the most intimate interview I’ve ever offered. It was more than an […]

Marketing and Thought Leadership

Marketing matters to anyone wishing to build a business, advance a career, or become a viable author or thought leader. You know that. But in the wrong doses and with the wrong timing, marketing can kill creativity, thwart innovation, and stall the very professional growth necessary for long-term or next-term success. Ironically, too much reliance […]

Best Articles in Brand and Innovation for April

Every month Tracking Wonder brings you some of the best articles from across the web that have stopped us in our tracks or given us pause to think and consider perspectives in creativity, brand, and innovation. With help from Tracking Wonder’s research assistant Gianna Kaloyeros, I’ve gathered and curated some of what we deem the most relevant studies, […]

Learning: The New ROI

Whatever it is you’re building, creating, or advancing, when you think of your return on investment, weigh it on what you learn in the process. This is often over looked or not calculated into the final ROI at all. Backstory I laid out rows of three acorns on the lawn. Me: “How many rows of three […]