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The Right Stuff of Great Teachers & Facilitators – A Round Up from You

I recently posed the question, “What makes for a great facilitator?” I offered my reflection on 3 qualities of great teachers, namely versatility, confidence, and authenticity – and especially a “no guru” status.

And then you sent me yours. Here’s a round up of keen insights from some of you – each of you amazing teachers, mentors, and facilitators. Read more

The New Social Face of Lit Mags & Publishing

Full disclosure: I’m Fiction Editor for TIFERET: A Journal of Literature & Spirituality. We launched our remodeled website today. I’m also a writer who has subscribed to numerous literary magazines since he was a poor college student. So, I have my biases.

1. A Village with a Magazine Center

If you’re like most people – even if you’re one of many self-proclaimed writers – you don’t subscribe to any literary magazines and associate them with the opaque writings that turned you off of poetry in high school or college.

But lit mags are changing their face. Their social face specifically. And what they’re doing is what any smart solo-preneur, creative enterpriser, or writer or artist for that matter could learn from. They’re building relationships. They’re engaging their tribes in new ways.

They’re building communities and villages with a magazine at the hub. Read more

The Tao of Authentic Marketing for Creatives: A Roundabout Guide

A “media expert” said a few things yesterday that got me questioning. “Our attentions spans are shrinking,” she said, “So we need to speak in sound bites so we can speak directly to what people need. If you can speak in sound bites, then you will stand out above everyone else.”

The implication was this:
Speak in sound bites –> Gets the right people’s attention –> Makes you more money.

There is a collective trend toward efficiency, sassiness, and quips. But as a creative, a solo-enterpriser, someone who aspires to innovate within her field, do you want to perpetuate this trend?  Is that quippy attitude really you? These are questions I raise to my clients.

And are our attention spans shrinking? If so, must we speak in sound bites to get our “right people’s” attention in order to reach our market?  These are questions I’m living in today. Read more

Wonder Gestures in User Experience – KLM Surprise & More

At the heart of much art is surprise. And in the art of your work might be surprising people who matter – namely, your tribes, audiences, readers, patrons, customers, clients.

My designer told me Friday on the phone, “I saw something the other day and thought, ‘Jeffrey would love that!’ So, expect a surprise in the mail soon.” Few things bring me greater joy. Seriously. I love small surprises. Better, I appreciate being seen for who I am and when people see the good in me.

Honing that ability – to see and bring out the good in others – can bring joy, wonder, and meaning to your tribal exchanges.

When have you surprised a client or customer or student with a gesture that speaks directly to who that person is, wants, or needs? Such gestures are at the heart of many intimate relationships. And surprise is at the heart of art. So it might make sense to consider how you can make wonder gestures to your tribes. Read more

Gary Snyder & the Need to Feel Deeply in Your Creative Work

Feeling things intimately can drive us more than money. That’s the finding of business behavior smart guy and “free agent” Daniel Pink. Feeling what we’re doing, immersing ourselves in the moment of activity, crafting meaning from our work – these qualities motivate us.

Yet, emotions often get hijacked by the intellect’s abstraction. A mind with analysis and quotidian fret at the forefront keeps otherwise potentially stoking emotions such as compassion and gratitude at a comfortable distance.

But to keep feelings at bay isn’t an option for creatives and creative entrepreneurs who want to flourish and feel alive in their work, who want to connect with their audience or clients, and ultimately who want to wed an intimate part of themselves with their work or business. Read more

INTIMATE GRATITUDE: ways to go beyond client appreciation

Thomas Cole’s “Titan’s Goblet” evokes an abundance to toast in gratitude.

I can say unabashedly that I love my relationships with my clients. My work with them brings deep gratification. Our conversations feed my own creative projects, and their tenacity often inspires me.

As the year’s end approaches, I’m reflecting on how far my clients have come in their projects and ventures. I want to show them or express to them what their relationships have meant to me.  Like other positive emotions such as compassion, gratitude can sound like a good idea, a noble concept. But I’ve been wondering,

How can creative entrepreneurs express gratitude to clients genuinely, authentically, memorably? Read more