10 Wishes for a Wondrous New Year (& links to others)



Do fewer things better.

Find the power in less striving.

Make spaces in each day. 

Get out – get outdoors, get outside of yourself, and get out of your way – every day.

Connect where and how it counts.

Create with grace, delight, openness, engagement, enchantment.

Open up more than size up.

Craft experiences.

Loosen the knots.

Contemplate, create, care-take.

Those are my intentions for myself this year. They’re yours for the taking.

Call them

A Code of Wonder.

Here are some of my buddies’ wishes you might appreciate:

Jen Louden’s “There Was a Time” – on the bygone days of over-striving

Tara Mohr’s “new year” – a poem of a similar sentiment (“there will be surrender to everything that curves”)

Abby Kerr’s “25 Things I Learned From Doing Business in 2012 & My 3 Commitments for 2013)” – brilliant business insights and 3 commitments in tandem here


Share your reflections and intentions. Which one jazzes you the most? How are you easing into your new year with momentum yet less strain and striving?

See you in the woods,


P.S. Yes, we’re going ice skating on the pond very soon! -jbd

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