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3 Roles for Author-Entrepreneurs to Thrive in the 21st Century (Animated Video)


These are the best of times to be an author. These are the worst of times to be an author.

They’re the worst of times because the nature of publishing seems in utter disarray, and the days of generous advances appear to have passed with a stable economy.

But they’re also the best of times.

Not only have advances in digital publishing and crowd-sourcing opened doors for adventurous novelists and social change-maker authors, but those advances also are forcing traditional publishers to change the way they play and give authors a more fair shake.

But first things first: Whether you want to publish via traditional publishing, self-publishing, or digital interactive models, all of your marketing and insider knowledge won’t amount to much until you’ve learned three essential arts.

Become an Idea-Distiller.

Become an Experience Architect.

Become a Micro-Pitcher & Collaborator.

Numerous pros at a publishing conference in New York City recently opined the same thing: Inauthentic marketing and a million Twitter followers do not matter if you don’t have an artfully conceived and structured book.

We’ve produced this video to give you a quick, pithy glimpse into the three arts you or anyone serious about creating a book that matters in the 21st century needs to finesse.

Finesse them, and you will save yourself years of frustration as well as emotional and financial cost.

Let us know what you think of the video.


And stay tuned for a special free call I’ll offer to answer any of your questions related to writing, publishing, and promotion.


What’s your take on the nature of what authors need these days to thrive?

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