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Captivating Author Coaching Call & Webinar (Free)


I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by distraction. You know what I mean?

You have an idea or story that could become a book. Maybe you’re working on a book or have been for 6, 10 or more years. When finished, it could change people’s minds, crack open their hearts, or light up their imaginations.

But not if you never finish it. What’s holding you back?

You don’t know what you’re doing? You need perspective? You have too many ideas vying for attention?  The publishing world daunts you? Time eludes you?

You’re not alone.

Each week, I work with, interview, and hang out with numerous professional authors, industry leaders, novelists, memoirists, and “ordinary” people with extraordinary ideas, programs, and stories. Plus I keep up with industry insiders and speak with people with a mission to help authors find the best publishing options in paper, digital, or both.

And guess what?

All of us authors (and publishers) have our own versions of confusion and frustration. It’s a challenging time to be an author.

But it’s also an exhilarating time to be an author.

Whether you’re writing your fifth book or first book, stuck at the start or stuck in the middle, or curious about publishing and platforms and brands and crowd-sourcing and promoting, let’s have a useful conversation. A free group coaching call for the first 50 people who sign up.

Captivating Author Coaching Call & Webinar (Free!)

90 minutes with creativity consultant, book strategist, & author Jeffrey Davis

Thursday, February 21, noon-1:30 pm EST on Anymeeting

Sign up nowLimited to 50 spots (the last webinar filled up in 48 hours)

Sample Create Questions: How do I start my book? How do I get my mind and life to cooperate with my passion & will?

Sample Shape Questions: How do I sort through my creative mess of crappy drafts? How do I know if I know what I’m doing as an author? How much do I have to think of my readers versus my own passion?

Sample Ship Questions: Do I need an agent? Is there any chance for a newbie author like me even to get the attention of an agent or traditional publisher? What is a platform and how much do I need one?

You like I live in a hut of questions. Sometimes it’s helpful to sit down together, share questions, and perhaps through conversation receive clarity, confident guidance, and genuine direction & support. That’s why I am offering a free coaching call.

I make only these promises:
I will listen.
I will entertain possibilities and try my best to lead you in sound directions.
I usually do not have easy answers.
I usually have more questions.

Click on this video and then register for a free, zero-obligation 90-minute group call with me.

What You Will Receive (for Free):

  • a micro-tour of the publishing world’s disruptions that create more opportunity
  • deep coaching conversations based on your questions about publishing, starting a project, getting out of a creative mess, platform-building, authentic author branding, & more
  • a quick glimpse into a six-month author mentorship group for a select number of authors

Questions received in advance get priority, but we will make time to take a few live questions on the call, too.

You’ll get to hear and learn from the questions and concerns from writers like yourself all around the world.

It will be an stimulating, provocative conversation with this aim in mind – to help you become an author who can captivate your own mind and imagination, your key collaborators to launch your book, and your readers who will savor and spread the news about your amazing book.

Be well, and thanks for running with me,


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