A Friday Interlude from Information: A Hut of Questions

How many snowfalls are blanketed in your memory?

Isn’t there a lyrical stream still running under ice?

If so, is it so cold it’s hot?

When you let thoughts stop falling into slots, do they make snow, tears, a stream, or an umbrella?

What if we each have many streams of consciousness instead of just one?

Isn’t the body always shaping thoughts the way unseen soil feeds the tallest tree boughs?

Isn’t it time to climb down from the tower?

A hungry junco’s trident feet sketch arrows of desire in the snow.

Will you follow them or make your own?

Enjoy your weekend. See you in the woods.

Drop in the Hut
What questions are you living in today?

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  1. I am glad #reverb10 brought me here and will enjoy living in questions in the next year. My question for the day: How can I merge my love of photos and words and how can I best channel creative energies when they arise?