Announcing the Outpost Shoppe for Creatives & Creative Pros

Image by Jim Kazanjian

I’ve been imagining you in the middle of your quest. You’re rising every morning, fresh with possibility, and yet by mid-day, you’re fighting time to get things done or trying to tame your straying mind so you can be brilliant on cue or wishing you could remember how to do nothing – and do it really well.

For over two years, I’ve been dreaming up a shoppe for you where, at the beginning or in the middle of a project, you could drop in, find the tools and resources you need to keep going, and move on. Perched in my reverie corner, the Backburner Project/Shoppe file and sketchbook on hand, I envisioned the shoppe and waited and waited until the right time to execute it.

Well, it’s here. Thanks largely to members of my Smooth Running Pack – website renovator Lisa Woods and  marketing copy shaper Dusti Arab of Productive Flourishing, Tracking Wonder’s Operations Chief Kim Beckers, and  our Virtual Assistant and Scout Michelle Mangenthe Tracking Wonder Outpost Shoppe is open.

The Tracking Wonder Outpost Shoppe is a place where you can buy power tools for creatives. Not drills and saw but tools that can help you create with purpose, shape time, muster momentum, create on cue, and captivate your own fan packs.


The first line of tools are the Mastering Your Creative Momentum webinar series and individual modules.

The first module on Purpose & Passion might interest you if you’ve been curious like I have been about how we can live & create with more purpose (Check out the conversation with Tara Mohr & Jen Louden if you missed it last week).

Have a look around, and let me know what else you’d like to see us stock that will help you create the work that matters and captivate the audiences whose lives and minds will be better off because of your  work.

(And thanks for weathering the tech glitches!)

See you in the woods,

Outpost Shoppe Proprietor

P.S. The renovated website has numerous new pages and a smoother navigation so you can find what you need more quickly. I hope. Let us know how the navigation works for you. And you might find a couple of events that we have not officially announced! -jbd

P.S.S. In an effort to simplify, we also changed this blog name from A Hut of Questions to Tracking Wonder. Thought you should know. -jbd

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